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The story in Gearsach has evolved along with the series. The first part focused primarily on casual action, putting the elements related to the history of mankind and the Locust by the wayside. In the “talon” the situation has changed slightly, could see a certain psychological depth of some characters appeared cutscenes, which are sometimes experienced in their own way emotionally moving. Epic has long promised that Gears of War 3 will answer many questions and even more focus on the story and fate of individual characters. And indeed it did. The emphasis on the story is very large, as can be seen from the very beginning. Almost every movie and almost every mission reveals some pieces of the puzzle, presents interesting events in the history department Delta and spicy details of locust and the Queen of the Swarm. I’m not saying anything but that Gearsy suddenly can boast a scenario worthy of Deus Ex, but as a simple in its construction action game really stand out above the accepted standards.



In fact, a new situation only superficially appears to be dramatic. No high command and dispersion COG army finally allows the main characters to act on their own. There is no continuous phones headquarters, top-down planning changes, irrefutable orders. Otherwise Gearsi strongly stick together in almost any time there are at least four. Thanks to this campaign, you can go co-op for up to four players. But even when playing alone with bots, the atmosphere of brotherhood gives a lot of fun. The more that the greatly improved AI – steered by the machine teammates quickly save us from oppression, shoot accurately and intensively grenades.

New Gearsy from the beginning impress far more colorful and elaborate. After the “talon” I have all the time in front of the eyes of a whole range of shades of gray, red and black, and quite overwhelming atmosphere of exploration of caves and abandoned cities. The new part does not replace the board in amusement parks, but it allows you to conduct ongoing clashes in a much more interesting places. That alone running the risk of the ship is a great introduction, and then it is even better. We wander the seaside coast, visit the newly built camps Locust defend the fort at night, pallets through a giant port if we turn exotic resort at the hands of the hordes. In memory collapses the balloon flight (for a variety of GoW 2 – over, not underground) and crossing a submarine. Of course, everything in the fumes of blood, sweat and fire.


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