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Though crazy fashion on the survival horror in recent months, slightly faded, fans of the genre for the next several weeks will certainly not complain. In a moment you are The Evil Within, and the beginning of the next year was also a period with some interesting premieres. New scary season of “fear of the monitor” opens, however, completely different production. Alien: Isolation, because it is about the question since the announcement aroused a sensation – not enough that going to be really scary, it’s also your story make was to the story, which, despite the passage of time, still fascinated millions of fans Alien. Expectations were big on paper everything looked sensational, but as shown by the game itself, in practice, not necessarily.



The plot of Alien: Isolation centers around Amanda Ripley – daughter of the famous Ellen, that is the main character of the film saga. Girl haunted by nightmares of the past and the desire to know what really happened to her mother, she decides to take a job in a corporation Weyland-Yutani – the same, to which belonged the famous freighter Nostromo. Nearly 15 years after the disappearance of the space ship of all crew members were reported missing, our protagonist can not come to terms with the disappearance of the bearer and trying on their own to find out more.

Help those long to search comes from an unexpected side. Everything points because of the fact that the crew of an independent ship Anesidora has just come into possession of the black box coming from the Nostromo. Knowing the truth about the incident therefore seems closer than ever. Amanda is informed by one of the employees that the corporation wants to get lost records and completes just the team that set off to retrieve it. The task will be so much simpler that the said ship captured with box decided to stay in one of the biggest ports in the area of ​​space – Sevastopol. Our heroine does not wonder too long and soon located the rest of the team on board. As you might have guessed what was supposed to be a standard mission quickly turns into a struggle for survival that Amanda must go in the title insulated. Moving forward slowly, not only approaches to decipher what happened to the Nostromo, but also reveals a much more frightening truth about the events in the station.

Alien Isolation Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+
OS: Windows 7 (32bit)
Video Card: 1GB (AMD Radeon HD 5550 or Nvidia GeForce GT 430)
Free Disk Space: 35 GB

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