Aven Colony PC Download Free InstallShield

Aven Colony PC Download Free InstallShield

Aven Colony for PC Download A city builder strategy game created by the Independent Mothership Entertainment studio. The player goes to the planet Aven Prime, playing the founder of one of the first extraterrestrial colonies. His tasks include the expansion and settlement of new territories, care for the technological facilities of the settlement and the morale of its inhabitants, as well as the fight against dangerous fauna and the effects of extreme weather conditions. The action takes place in diverse environments: from wetlands, through deserts, to arctic areas frozen with ice, which affects the conditions prevailing in subsequent missions. The core of Aven Colony is a feature film campaign for a single player, and the sandbox mode is also waiting for testing, where the game focuses on commanding the space base, without additional conditions to be completed. The high quality of the graphic design is determined not only by the nicely created surroundings but also by interesting futuristic designs.


Download Aven Colony for PC free InstallShield

Aven Colony DownloadThe action of Aven Colony takes place in the distant future, when interstellar travel has become a fact. The player goes to the planet Aven Prime, where he must face not only the standard problems associated with community management, but also local threats of aggressive fauna and extreme climate. We get to know the history of the globe, which is the next home of humanity, during the story of a single player campaign.

Aven Colony on the Windows PC allows players to take direct control over the colony located on the alien planet. We start our fun with a modest, packed with advanced technology bridgehead, which in time becomes a real base. During the game, we have the opportunity to get to know the local fauna and flora – the action takes place in diverse environments, from wetlands, through deserts, to arctic polar regions. The game is based on several pillars. The first of these is the expansion and settlement of subsequent territories. We have at our disposal a number of buildings with various functions, such as residential buildings, granaries, or even constructions providing colonies with constant access to oxygen or raw material mines. The development of the technological base allows you to improve the structures already built.

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Advanced community management capabilities allow you to take care of the morale of the residents – their mood can be influenced by a dozen or so factors. The road to colonist satisfaction is bumpy, because only those who have adequate positions, constant medical care, high-quality food, and entertainment are satisfied. Our actions reflect the rank we have – we’re starting to act as the Governor of Cologne, and ultimately become the President of the Expedition. The conditions prevailing on the planet Aven Prime are also irrelevant for the well-being of the colonists. We must therefore face the effects of extreme storms as well as toxic gas explosions. The oxygen-poor atmosphere means that we have to take care of a constant supply of air to keep our subordinates alive. The local fauna also does not make matters easier – the settlements are a tasty morsel for gigantic sand worms, and the additional danger is even the spores of diseases that are infested in some locations.


CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 3.3 GHz / AMD Athlon II X3 455 or higher
OS: Windows 7/8 64-bit
GPU: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card

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