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Bannermen Classic real-time strategy (RTS) taking place in a medieval-inspired world, but with fantastical elements. The three-dimensional graphic design of the production also refers to the classics of the genre. Bannermen is a massive RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. The world presented in it is based equally on medieval aesthetics and elements of fantasy. The title combines a classic approach to the game with new ideas and an attractive audiovisual environment. The independent studio Pathos Interactive is responsible for creating the game and the publisher is 2tainment GmbH. Bannermen Download for PC The player assumes the role of a certain Berrier - a fallen lord who loses his land, his title and his people as a result of a devastating defeat at the Battle of Beckron. At the bottom, he swears revenge and, having gathered his last allies, goes into battle. However, stopping the forces of the sinister Lord Karthor will not be easy - victory may require enormous sacrifices. Bannermen is a classic strategy from the RTS subspecies. The game focuses on constructing buildings, recruiting units and leading troops in a battle for control of the map. In order to succeed, we must command our troops wisely, properly using their tactical skills and unique abilities. Strategic thinking is also necessary - resource management and creating foundations in the right places.

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Bannermen An interesting aspect of the gameplay in the Pathos Interactive title is the uniqueness of individual maps. The locations vary geographically (snowy, desert, forest, etc.), and in addition you can often use unique powers on them - local magic spells that you can use against your enemies, provided we can build the right temples in the right places and then defend against attacks. Another interesting mechanic is the ability to use the environment in combat. For example, we can prepare a trap by throwing an avalanche of rocks at opponents. Bannermen During the game we also control the hero - he has powerful magic and his skills develop as the game progresses. In Bannermen we can play alone or with others. For those who prefer single-player gameplay, the production features an extensive story campaign as well as the ability to engage in one-on-one battles with computer-controlled opponents. Players interested in network modes will find a full ranking system here to assess their skills against a competitive backdrop. There is also an opportunity to fight in free mode (unranked) and play friendlies (we choose our rivals and the map). It has a beautiful three-dimensional graphic design. Bannermen The game world looks very impressive and amazes with details even if the camera is very far away. Textures are sharp, environment models and details are detailed, and the technology responsible for lighting and shading works well. Advanced object physics also makes a solid impression.

Bannermen PC Download Free InstallShield
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CPU: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
HDD: 20 GB

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My first impression, based on seeing a few video teasers and a description on the developer's website, was rather positive. I saw a title reminiscent of the good old Age of Empires, with a slight nod to Starcraft or Warcraft III. I was also quietly counting on the aforementioned breath of fresh air, surprise with interesting mechanics or a captivating story. The more so because the creators invoked a tribute to classic solutions with a simultaneous desire to serve a new approach to the RTS genre.

As a player, we play the role of a hero, once miserably defeated by an eternal enemy, now trying to rebuild the former glory from scratch and finally deal with the rival's army. The whole thing is very predictable, and in addition, the cut-scenes do not assume the possibility of omitting them. After less than an hour of gameplay, especially in the case of lengthy dialogues, as well as in the face of having to repeat the mission, the lack of such an obvious solution turned out to be effectively frustrating.

When it comes to the impressions of the game, unfortunately they cannot be classified as thrilling either. Anyone familiar with the mechanics used in the classics I just mentioned will surely experience the feeling of deja-vu. Here and there, the creators tried to implement such schemes as, for example, RPG elements in the context of the development of the main character's character, or the inclusion of the forces of nature in the range of available attacks, but there are so few of them that they practically do not break through the cocoon of well-known practices.

Bannermen falls into a bag of similar titles, where basically nothing more matters than the proper distribution of workers collecting resources, and then training the largest (not to be confused with the strongest) army as quickly as possible. Someone may question such a far-reaching simplification, but when he is given to face hostile AI, he will immediately agree to such a position. To put it mildly, she is far from being an outstanding strategist.

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