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Chronicle RuneScape Legends Full Version Complete PC Download

Market card games to put it mildly – has przekichane not to use more strong word with. Until a few years ago it was reserved for a relatively small niche “hardkorowców” and only after the appearance of Hearthstone’a truly opened up to the masses. The popularization of this type of play is obviously a great opportunity for other artists, but on the other hand – competing with the game Blizzard is a real suicide. If someone has to actually go, he must offer something more than the production of Blizzard and surprise the players not only new formula, but the gameplay, which would bring at least as much fun. Although most stubbornly repeats the clichés, there are those who try something else. Most recently, the market debuted strongly strategic Duelyst, and now went to our Chronicle: RuneScape Legends trying to redefine what can be digital, the card.



Anyway – the usual term “, the card,” just when the game is not necessarily a hit. This creature, which sooner call “, the card Miniatures”, but before I explain more precisely what this is all about, briefly about what Chronicle: RuneScape Legends at all “them.” The game obviously draws handfuls of the universe of the popular former (still alive!) Network game RuneScape. If ever in her zagrywaliście – and if you have more than teen years, so it was probably – certainly at the outset recognize a lot of elements transferred straight from the aged MMORPG. Oh, if only the main characters, who represent the class in which we can put yourself while having fun. The Raptor, Venescula, Ariane, Ozan, Linza, and … unfortunately on the list of heroes is over. Apparently five fractions of a little less than what we see in competition, but in practice it turns out to be a pretty poor choice … especially that associated the cards do not differ from each other so much as one might have expected. It does not help the fact that each of them, regardless of specialization and so must win virtually repeat the same cycle activities.

Why is this happening? At this point I finally explain the rules of the game. This in its assumptions initially absolutely amazed me and although total infatuation after a few hours let go, I still think Chronicle: RuneScape Legends as one of the most original games in its genre. Players create their own standard deck, in this case consisting of 35 cards and move to the battlefield, which is a “book” symbolizing the story is divided into five chapters. Each is represented by a separate map with two separate paths – one goes our hero, and the second his opponent. That’s what we’ll find the guided walking up to us – put yourself out there monsters, items, potions improving statistics form or spells dealing damage … All this boils down to one specific purpose – life opponent has finally come down to zero. If we fail to bring in a pięciorozdziałowej adventure, the heroes represented by the figures measure with each other in a direct fight. Themselves admit, the formula really interesting, but fairly soon became apparent that it has as many pluses as minuses.

Chronicle RuneScape Legends Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64X2
OS: Windows 7
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 100 series (512 Mb) or Radeon HD 3xxx or better
Free Disk Space: 3 GB

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