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Constructor HDConstructor was originally launched for MS-DOS. "Since then we've said a lot of people, 'Oh, I love this game'. But as Windows moved on and new operating systems made it harder to play the old one, we've told more people that they can't play the game of their childhood anymore" , explains Twiddy. "It's a game that we've always loved and deserves a rebuild. It was a good idea for the current times. Constructor HD Download for PCThis is how the basics of Constructor HD were made Twiddy, alongside many of the original Constructor team, is still working at System 3, so suddenly he and his colleagues were back on one of their earliest passion projects, and Constructor HD is quite the project, unlike other remasters of games hardly ever older than the jeans you wear (you slob), you can't just dismantle something from 1997 and throw it up for sale, everything had to be recreated.

Constructor HD Download

We have all the characters, all the animations, all the screens, the originals as a starting point but with new techniques," says Twiddy. "Originally, all the men were little hand-drawn sprites, but now they're properly rendered 3D characters. A character's walk animation used to be three frames per second, while now we have 60 frames per second walking animations. Remake of the best selling economic strategy of 1997, made by the creators of the original British Study 3 System software. The game takes on the role of the owner of a construction company, and our goal is to grow the business and eliminate trampling competition on our heels. During the game we must take care of stocks of raw materials, such as concrete or wood, and rear customer houses, where selling or renting will provide us with a reasonable profit. A distinctive feature is the ability to use the title of a number of not always legal methods of reducing competition. We count protesting hippies, psychopaths, thieves and saboteurs, and in the later stages of the game also use the services of the mafia. The refreshed version of Constructora mainly tweaked to HD graphics. The creators decided not to interfere in the classic mechanics of the game, not forgetting also a great dose of humor that accompanies our struggle.

Constructor HD PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
System 3
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System 3
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OS: Vista/7/8/10
CPU: Intel 2.4GHz Dual Core
GPU: 512MB
Direct: 9.0c

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Constructor HD Early in any given game, you will build a lumber yard, then a house, and then find some tenants. A tenant’s happiness is crucial and they will complain if something is particularly wrong, like the lumber yard next door being very loud, or having the wrong type of fence (they care a lot about fences). You can stop the lumber yard or install some double glazing in the house to sort it noise, just replace the fence if they are being picky, upgrade rooms to increase overall happiness, that kind of thing.

However, there are ten different types of tenant in five classes, poorest at the bottom, richest at the top, and they each have their own personalities. Constructor HD The Slobs, for example, are the lowest class and are very well suited to breeding like rabbits, which in turn is excellent for creating new workers so you can increase your work force. Student tenants, however, are picky about their fences – they demand a nice, natural hedge so birds can live in it, whereas the Punks won’t be happy at all if you put trees in their garden because punks hate nature (obviously).

Juggling the different tenants’ needs is one of two main aspects of gameplay. Constructor HD Some of them do not enjoy living next to each other, though this can usually be offset by just upgrading all the rooms in their house a few times and they will learn to live with it. It can get frustrating though, particularly when they demand trees, so you comply, and they complain that one of the trees is the wrong type of tree despite not having specified.

The second aspect of gameplay ties into Constructor’s tagline: “construction meets corruption.” In addition to building houses and looking after tenants, you will also be competing with and sabotaging other builders, whether AI on via online multiplayer. Constructor HD You can send your work teams, each one led by a foreman, to enemy territory and take over , then sell them for some quick cash. Of course, their work teams will fight you off, but there a ways of dealing with that.

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