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Dishonored is another game trying to catch up to the group of those sensational FPS. Also focuses on the above-mentioned elements, adding even admixture of the series Thief or even Hitman. Inspiration artists can be seen with the naked eye, and even necessarily all tracking trends player will notice that a lot of Dishonored Bioshock. From steampunk design environment, starting by a similar setting (both games running on Unreal), mechanics ending. On the one hand we have conventional guns or grenades, and on the other a series of supernatural powers – slowing down time, teleports, power summoning swarms of rats. With Half-Life taken while the architecture of the city Dunwall, which is such a beefed City 17. darker, steampunk, but also totalitarian and raw in the reception. It is like a hero – just like their masters, without a word, accept another job, not imposed. With Hitman taken the opportunity to reach one of the many ways a Thief set to sneak around in the shadows climate.




The guards are not deaf and blind, but it happens that once we see the kilometer, and in other situations ignore obvious signs of our presence. After all, the game tends to combining and eavesdropping opponents (they can tell a lot of interesting information), as well as exploration. Each level is a little sandbox of at least several possible paths and thus scenarios. As regards the mission objectives, then here it is also above average. It is not perhaps about the authenticity of tasks – most of them you just have to kill someone – but a great deal of freedom. In addition to the obligatory mission is a lot protracted game subquestów and poukrywanych items that are not just another znajdźkami. For traced runes unlocks new powers, the other Items slow down to us, for example, decrease in stamina or improve other characteristics of our character. Everything is so sense, the impact on the game and what is missing most of the production – authentic, not based on trophies and achievements motivator inducing a yawing, and the combining of walking where you do not even need to look in order to complete the mission and push the plot forward.

Mechanics Dishonored is a first class and really hard to find in it some bug or obvious niedoróbkę. I not really suit me for the concept structure of the game. With such conceptual artists and graphic designers until asked about creating a Sandbox, which the world has never seen. Instead we got a number of quite tangled, but, in fact, small sites that are associated with each of its kinds HUB-ami. We look to them several times during the game, which creates the appearance of exploring the city, it soon becomes clear, however, that Dunwall three streets to cross and separate levels, which, though in themselves are great, it does not fit in with a deeper picture of the city, I do not the impression that this is all consistent as to the Rapture and the City 17. Dunwall is not the caliber, but you can not deny the charm.

Dishonored Minimum Requirements
CPU: 3.0 GHz dual core or better
OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7
Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible with 512 MB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce 210/ ATI Radeon HD 5470)
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 9 GB


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