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game Tycoon 2 Full Version Complete PC Download

Game Tycoon 2 is designed for the Windows PC platform strategy Economic simulates the process of creating electronic games. Production came from the hand of studies Sunlight Games, the same team that was the first part. The story published in PC Windows Game Tycoon 2 players take on the boss of a small development studio whose members dream of conquering the gaming market. There are three teams and each of them has different characteristics and starting conditions. Fun begin in 1980 and the business we can develop over the next five decades, ie until 2030.




While playing in Game Tycoon 2 our task is, of course, mainly the creation of profitable games. We can hire and fire workers, choose species and platforms, as well as to decide on which aspect will focus developers. Especially at the outset of our studio it is too poor, so that it can develop the production of refined in every respect, and it is necessary to make difficult decisions. You also need to carefully choose the technologies used. All this, of course, we must properly balance the financial terms, so that the investments were profitable, and the company’s account was not shining empty.

Game quite realistically recreates the years 1980-2015 and the situation in the virtual market mostly corresponds in general terms what has happened, in fact, and the period 2016-2030 is based on predictions of modern analysts. Initially, we can create only on consoles and PCs, but then there is also the option to work on mobile games. Besides the continuous mode, is also available twenty shorter missions in which we have to achieve specific goals.

Game Tycoon 2 Minimum Requirements
CPU: Pentium 4 with 2GHz (or better)
GPU: Graphics card with a minimum of 256 MB
OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10
Store: 600 MB available space


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