Heroes of Might and Magic III HD Edition Complete PC Download

Heroes of Might and Magic III: HD Edition Full Version Complete PC Download

is a refreshed version of the third part of the famous series of strategy games. Title lived primarily graphic design and improved version of the tablet (iOS and Android). In addition, the players take part in the seven scenarios in the campaign fight in the 48 maps in Skirmish mode. There were local mode for many people, and the map editor (available only on the PC).

Heroes III HD short look
Main features:

-The new HD graphics: relive the adventure of Heroes III HD, a true masterpiece, which offers players improved graphics and compatibility with widescreen mode.
-Check what is the phenomenon widely acclaimed gameplay of Heroes III in the 7 exciting campaign (about 50 maps), see also the editor and local multiplayer.
-New multiplayer online lobby, prepared for PC users: Compatible with Steamworks version of Heroes III for the PC offers online multiplayer lobby, where you can share your achievements in Heroes III with the community.
-In Heroes III can be played on your tablet anywhere, anytime: Game Heroes III now supports tablets with iOS and Android, and is equipped with intuitive touch controls that will allow game enthusiasts to enjoy it anywhere … anytime.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: HD Edition is refreshed edition of one of the most famous turn-based fantasy strategy in the history of electronic entertainment, created by New World Computing in 1999. For the re-release corresponds to the French studio DotEmu, which has received an order for its implementation from Ubisoft, wanting to celebrate in this way the 20th anniversary of the series Heroes of Might & Magic and the 15th anniversary issue of third party views of the same cycle. The title appeared to stem both PCs and mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Erathian king was murdered. Traitors stole his body brought back to life and undead forced to stand at the head of an army of murderers and led her to fight for their lands. His army cracked down quickly with few defenders Erathian. Plans traitors thwarted, however, Queen Catherine, the daughter of undead. Arguing small, but it is bustling branches, he stood up to his father, united smashed the armies of local warlords and started to fight to the death. Its aim is to destroy the traitors and the liberation of the soul the king of undead … “Heroes Of Might & Magic 3” is the perfect gift for any lover of strategy.

Game Info

Manufacturer: New World Computing
Publisher: The 3DO Company
The current version, and 1.4
Release Date: Windows 3 March 1999
Editing HD: January 29, 2015
Genre: Turn-based strategy game
Game modes: single player game, multiplayer game
Age categories ESRB: Everyone

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