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To say that the slogan “agent” is quite popular at the end of this winter, it is far too little. Not delving even in headlines or entertainment programs on television – examples of flow ciurkiem still hot premier gaming world and both fans of multiplayer and single wolves will find something for themselves. Only a few days ago in a post-apocalyptic New York activated a huge number of “sleeper” agents, and at the same time, in a different part of the world – the capital of France – landed a bald gentleman, with inherent garrote and an invitation to loud fashion show. The Adventures of Agent 47 years are very popular and have a large fan base, so the announcement of the next game in the series Hitman caused quite a stir. Unfortunately, among the interesting details that speak of a return to the best ideas of the Blood of money, a huge map and freedom of action, dominated mainly one – for an unusual way of release. Hitman from the beginning was to appear in a cameo, but the idea of ​​three large sites at the start rozmienił the minor. Except for a brief prologue, we got the game contains only one map, and the other will appear at monthly intervals. In a sense, this is a climate and fits the style of work known films killers, living from job to job, but if the formula works in a computer game?



The game begins with a prologue, exactly the same as in the test I recently beta, so here we notice is that two short missions secret base ICA and we are there to train in dense plywood and gypsum minilokacjach. , The game treats us to a very successful and climatic intro, able to convince even the most pacifists that killing is nothing more than a sophisticated form of art and beauty. Interestingly, after several seconds of video stops suddenly in a rather intriguing moment and it is impossible not to find here a certain analogy to the very first episode of the game, which some time later leaves us with a similar impression. Paris Mission – Showstopper – indeed end up quite fast, feature cliffhanger at the end amplifies the feeling of dissatisfaction, but it is not so bad to write down Agent 47 straight losses. Most of my concerns about the mechanics of the game has not worked and the Hitman can give you a lot of fun and excitement. Bearing in mind the lesson after beta-testing and default ubiquitous in game hints, not looked into the achievements and even before crossing the gates of the palace de Walewska turned off everything they could, with the game interface, starting a mission totally in the dark. Knowing only the appearance of his two goals, I wanted to see if there is a big difference between this approach and the use of the help offered by the game.

The first visit salons, attic or basement of the Paris mansion able to impress not only good graphics and level of detail of rooms, but most of all impressed by the natural living world game – if we close eye on quite obvious attack clones among NPCs. The fashion show is doing in the beginning so impressed with his style, animations and loud, pulsating music, that for a long time simply observe the paddock, like any other person in the crowd. Guests gossip and drinkują, stylists and models bustle at the show, the employees perform their duties, have a cigarette break, a reporter TV furious when entering it into the frame, and people ended pretty good final presentation turn their heads from the catwalk and engaged in conversation . Added to this are various optional activities, not necessarily related to the liquidation order. We can take part in the show, an auction or a confidential conversation, all well enhances the impression of immersion with the game world, spoiled only by the total absence of the French language, in spite of several hundred guests.

Hitman Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
CPU Speed: Info
OS: 64-bit Windows 7
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870
HDD : 30 GB

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