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This house was once normal, but very soon find out that she is no. The story of a painter who lost his mind, may seem trivial, but the authors of the scenario deserve big applause. I’m not the kind of player who likes to look in every corner, so as not to miss the little thing that builds the story, but Layers of Fear scoured all encountered cabinets and drawers. This is how we know what has happened in the house, who lived in it and what happened with the locals. But this is not explicitly stated, we still have to guess and build in your mind what could have happened. Of course we can all these additives in the form of letters, newspaper clippings or photos donate, but do not want to do that – to submit these elements together makes a lot of pleasure. Although the whole history of the pleasant definitely should not be.



There will be accusations that the Layers of Fear is a “little play in the game.” At first glance, it’s actually another walking simulator, in which you interact with objects. Boredom? No, because Layers of Fear is gripping horror. “You never know what lurks behind the next door” is a terrible cliché, but here it really is so. Ba, you never know what is behind you, so every mouse move was an experience (ah, I want to play in virtual reality, although the final I would have not arrived …). Very quickly forget that in Layers of Fear just go and visit the. There are too many emotions to focus on the game. Emotion, but also surprises – another room can be an ordinary place, but it is also likely that we come across a bizarre creation of a sick imagination. Maybe it another trite slogan, but Layers of Fear is experiencing more than a game.

I have a feeling that’s why I liked Layers of Fear – a horror in which a greater role not lurking ghosts (although these too will not be denied), and playing emotions and suspicions. The Layers of Fear is still the alert, focused. The creators cleverly heat up the atmosphere – lighting, sound, groans, tears, creaking doors and floors. And what is most important and the best: the Layers of Fear really the scariest are “ordinary” things. It’s a big piece to create a game in which the heart beat faster … provides a normal picture. Well, only if he is known to be plain? He really existed or came up with his main character?

Layers of Fear Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q8400
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows 7
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB
Free Disk Space: 3 GB


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