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Leap of Fate is maintained in the style of cyberpunk isometric hack’and’slash elements roguelike’a, released on the PC platform Windows. For the creation of the game corresponds to the independent studio Clever-Plays from Montreal, whose co-founder is Mattieu Bégin, having behind experience Ubisoftcie. The story Leap of Fate has not been overly developed. In the game, moving to cyberpunk version of New York, where coexist ordinary people and endowed with supernatural abilities technomagowie. During the game we play is in the role of one of technomagów, who must prove their worth by going series of tests in the temple known as the Crucible of Mages. The road to victory is littered with traps and dangerous enemies, symbolizing the inner fears and concerns of each of the combatants. This challenge, however, is worth the West, because the prize is unimaginable power and the ability to change their destiny.



Mechanics fun in the game Leap of Fate draws from the classic isometric action RPG genre hack’and’slash. Entering the game, choose one of four characters (although at the beginning there is only one of them, and the ability to play the other we still need to unlock). Each of the characters has a different fighting style and history, which appear as you progress in the game animated cutscenes. The gameplay itself is focused on traversing the following locations and facing traps and hordes of invading enemies. During the game, our hero will learn, gaining additional skills of the four trees development, taking into account the ability of offensive and passive mobility and gained in the course of games of chance glyphs.

The gameplay in Leap of Fate takes place in an extremely rapid pace, and every mistake can cost us dearly – as befits roguelike’a controlled by our hero has only one life, and every death is a need to start playing from the beginning. Fortunately, once unlocked capabilities are with us on a permanent basis, so that with each approach our character is a little bit stronger. The uniqueness of each game also ensures that both locations (the deployment of traps and enemies), and these special abilities are generated randomly.

Leap of Fate Minimum Requirements
CPU: Core 2 Duo
OS: Win XP
Video Card: Discreet video card
Free Disk Space: 2 GB


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