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Giant known as Blizzard has just awakened. After a delayed reaction to the flourishing gaming market MOBA American company again dictates the terms. The first successful production of the species heroic shooters has a great chance to get what we already can boast a League of Legends – the position of unequaled leadership, unrivaled in its category – as well as all the related “perks”: enormous popularity, thousands of spectators on e-sports tournaments and … enormous profits. Overwatch is today one of the most original FPS in recent years, which in comparison to other games in the genre distinguished by refined gameplay mechanics, characters of flesh and blood and impressive comic artwork.



Most online games have one thing in common: simplicity. League of Legends is one map and one mode. Hearthstone is easy to master, the card. In World of Tanks over and over again to shoot enemy tanks in the same locations. This does not mean, however, that these productions trivial or boring quickly. Their rules are simple, but to achieve mastery in them turns out to be a great challenge, which motivates the constant return to the title. Overwatch is another Hearthstonie the evidence of how well Blizzard recovered homework. The Americans have prepared the product up to cut the unnecessary extras. Eloquently contrasts this with the recently issued Battlebornem, whose creators, trying to make a game for all (and is single and co-op, and several modes of multi), they made a game … for anyone.

What is the simplicity of the first shooter Blizzard? Overwatch is a network FPS, in which two six-team compete in several similar to each game modes. During lasting an average of 10 minutes of the game players choose (and change at any time) one of the 21 characters, each of which has unique weapons and abilities. The whole is focused on collaboration and team works best when you play together gives a group of friends. And that’s enough – enough for 61 words to describe the mechanics of Overwatch. Evidence that Blizzard underestimated the power of simplicity, is more – from the names of all animations accompanying the game (all one word) by only a few game modes, the memorable names and aliases heroes.

Overwatch Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom X3 8650
OS: Windows Vista/7/ 8/10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 4850, or Intel HD Graphics 4400
Free Disk Space: 30 GB

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