PayDay 2 PC Download Free InstallShield

PayDay 2 PC Download Free InstallShield

PayDay 2 for PC Download If somehow not been following the fate of Payday 2 and you do not know what it’s all about, I hasten to explain. This is a FPS opting for cooperation of four players who take part in missions with specific tasks mandated by the heads of the gang. The scenarios are varied, both in terms of scale and potential earnings. The theft of the necklace in a jewelry store is, after all, easier than spectacular attack on the well-kept art gallery or airport hostile mob boss. Spore obstacle is the fact that at the time of detection (initially move in a civilian mode, looking around) on the head to allow for comfortable us another police force. Everything really depends on the skills and rip. You do not always have to fight to the last bullet, sometimes indicated by a simple escape to the point of evacuation.



Download PayDay 2 for PC free InstallShield


PayDay 2 Download In the main menu you will find the solo mode, but it you just forget. Primarily due to game design and map the sessions dormitory. Second – controlled bots is very much limited, which can be felt on a higher degree of difficulty in theory, the easiest mission. The best mode Single regarded as a benchmark or an opportunity to test the graphics settings, although the new edition should not cause major problems to holders of older hardware configurations. Author’s engine developers visually reminiscent of the productions before 4-5 years. The level of graphics, however, is definitely to swallow, if we consider a ton of fun waiting when jumping.

With the second part of the studio Overkill introduced a system It is here that we purchase order or attach to the already created. In brief, it is adapted to the specifics of Payday 2 search engine game, but instead of the usual list get a city map with odświeżanymi time to time icons that serve as information on contracts. These, however, in the absence of the interesting option can be purchased. Economics Payday 2 quite painfully celebrated with users who do not like risk. Of the looting goes into the pockets of mostly pennies (according to some information, it is 5-7% of all “income”). The rest of the money lands on a foreign account, and it is only used to obtain contracts. This is supposed to protect the game against typical for this genre exploits, but on the other hand, the effort (especially in more advanced scenarios) does not always translate into decent earnings.

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Fortunately, outside layer of economic Payday 2 looks so impressive, that could not stop thinking about a small hand, and focus more on fun. First of all a lot of fun making the same shooting, the mechanic is a combination of intense sound effects, and weapon recoil. The result is incredibly good and reminiscent of the legendary scene of street shootings Fever Michael Mann. By the way, the authors quite sensibly balanced all this gunfire small number of ammunition, found the bodies of enemies. As in the first part of the lead so you’ll need to save. Players have to shoot very precisely, to the short bursts. Developers have prepared, however, several optional facilities, ie. Additional resources cartridges scattered on the board or pack of medicines which can be activated with the introduction to the mission. In an environment Payday 2 well find themselves so both veterans and novices.


Minimum Requirements:

CPU: 2 GHz Dual Core Processor
OS: Windows XP SP3
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD 2600 (256MB minimum)
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 10 GB

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