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Again, under our wings goes nameless protagonist, but this time it is not known from previous hero Farángi. Quickly we find out who the mysterious daredevil, whose fate we manage and proves that it is not just anybody … Our ward is in fact the son of the captain MetalBeard and younger brother accompanying us from the first Risen Patty. I have to admit at this point that at the start a new hero raises more sympathy than the previous Unknown. While at the moment know the first character seemed bland and expressionless, as a new form quickly proves that he has character and charisma.



In contrast to the Dark Water, The Lord of the Titans quickly unleash us from the leash. Przebrnięciu after the first stage, which ends up answering our soul by Lord of Shadows, we can sail where we please. In our wojażach we are not limited absolutely nothing, and the entire pool of the South Seas is open to us. With a small sloop old friend – Kostuch – explains us the dirty details of the situation in which we find ourselves and recommends to look for one of the three powerful wizards who could support us in solving the problem. Suitable candidates seem to be a druid, mage and shaman voodoo. Who do we look for in the first place, it depends only on us.

And places to see there is no shortage, because the world in Risenie 3 is grandly rozrośnięty. The player cast are owned by the pirates Antigua, dominated by the Inquisition Tacarigua, home of magicians Taranis, sacred to the indigenous people Kila and Calador, the peninsula of the continent, which from all over the world attracts hordes Demon Hunters (with additions DLC are related to another two islands – Mists and Thieves). To see all that we have to concretely to swell, luckily the game does not run out of the system of fast travel. After the islands are scattered teleports you first need to activate znajdowanymi here and there stones teleportującymi. But there is one condition – we fail to move from island to island, you must first final number in the space ship. In this fair the size of the world it is difficult to get lost, because from the very beginning in our hands are detailed maps of each region.

Risen 3 Titan Lords Minimum Requirements
CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
OS: Windows XP
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 or ATI Radeon HD 2600

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