Silence The Whispered World 2 PC Download Free InstallShield

Silence The Whispered World 2 PC Download Free InstallShield

Silence The Whispered World 2 for PC Download The action of the new game studio Daedalic Entertainment can leave the saturation deficit. The beginning does not look too optimistic because it feels stretched, and only about half of all fun gains momentum – unfortunately too much. The pace of action much faster to reduce some interesting questions (eg, the effect of Janus and other rebels) on a few short beats and the final decisions Noah. Fortunately, even the last scene close all the threads.



Download Silence The Whispered World 2 for PC free InstallShield


Silence The Whispered World 2 Download The second problem is the specific nature of the gameplay – for some, the seats prove the biggest drawback to others is something that fits perfectly into the convention. This element can (and should) be considered in two ways. On the one hand, we have a really trivial environmental puzzle. Silence practically goes without itself, no equipment here in its classical form, and all the useful objects preserved by the controlled character, but we can not always use it – the game itself proposes a solution.

The addition of puzzles is not characterized by a particularly high difficulty, so we have the other side of the coin – a constant narrative and nieprzeszkadzanie players in the discovery of the story held in silence. Model known for producing studio Telltale you either love or hate. However, it is difficult to swear reality and to blind one’s eye to the conditions of the previous section.

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Undisputed distraction Fun in silence is the ability to control three heroes – Noah and the Rhine (the differences are cosmetics) and Spot of or przesympatyczna caterpillar, which can take different forms and gain new abilities – from the complete flattening by inflating and The presence in the form of balloon, the ability to drink any substance – for example, lava – and spit it. It’s just this last form of the variety of gameplay concerns, but it has not been complaining about the monotony because the production elements successfully intersperses characteristic of adventures with arcade stages in which success depends entirely on our craft skills.

Minimum Requirements:

CPU Speed: 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
OS: Win 7
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 / ATI Radeon HD 5800 / Intel HD 5000
Free Disk Space: 20 GB

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