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Chronology Street Fighterach is slightly twisted, but I will try to explain it in the fast – five events take place after what we have seen in the fourth “stream”, but before the adverse events observed in the third part. To be sure, I repeat 4 -> 5 -> 3. All clear? That’s great. It is a pity only that this is of little importance, because unfortunately SFV pays very little attention to the story of the game. The whole looks like this: Bison and his evil organization Shadaloo once again planning to do something very bad. Therefore, all are fighting with everyone. I’m not kidding, this is not a summary or shorthand – so it looks like the story presented in this game. We meet her in a special mode where we choose an interesting character, and at a predetermined, easy difficulty (which can not be changed) roll 3-5 fights punctuated trended state miniatures of the dubbed voice-over. Sometimes the stories make sense, sometimes they are in some way connected with each other, but in most cases it’s just short episodes drawn from the life of a warrior. I do not know what a miracle Capcom stated that it is enough.




The newest in fashion simplifying the game, so that as many casual players also could enjoy them. Street Fighter V also does this, but in a rather interesting way – instead of introducing some special systems, which are said to reduce the advantage of good players, the game just trying to reduce the range of things we have to learn a new person. Put simply and accurately “V” gives up the differences between the blows, depending on the distance from the enemy. Once every normal attack fist or a kick to have different properties depending on whether we are standing with our opponent chest to chest, is a bit of distance between us. Now, this simply is not there. As for me is just such an approach suits me – removal of items that can confuse the novice in mind is a good approach. In addition, it was decided to reduce the number of blows with the “loadable” blows special, definitely an emphasis on “turning” quarter- and half-Cola. Besides, it’s good old Street Fighter – six buttons, three assigned to blow a fist or foot, each with a different strength.

And after such a positive paragraph go again, unfortunately, the negatives – the fifth “SF” is an empty shell. Unfortunately, at this moment hard to call this a full-fledged game. At the moment, as I write this review I have the opportunity to play only in the story mode (which I have already mentioned), survival / survival training, online (ranking, and nierankingowy own room, to which you can invite only one person). There is also the possibility to view replays of your matches and other people. That’s it. The first impression I got after firing sounded something like, “oh, how empty here.” And so it remains closer to an unspecified date in March, when the game hits store (about which more later), the possibility of setting up a lobby for a greater number of players, challenge mode and a new, seventeenth character (Alex familiar with the Street Fighter III). Capcom explains what true that the SFV is not so much a game as a platform that is constantly improving and evolving with new features and form (one per month for half a year). Anyway, at the moment one can get the impression that buys incomplete title and the promise of a cat in a bag.

Street Fighter V Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480, GTX 570, GTX 670, or better
Sound Card: Yes


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