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Self-mutilation. This is what I feel like every time you run it in The Witness, so the new game from Jonathan Blow. The same Blow, who in the past gave us such elaborate platformer Braid. Anyway I did not know what to grab – after a few minutes it turned out that The Witness is not just any first from the edge of a puzzle game, but rather a test designed to emerge the best brains of the world. It starts innocently enough – get to the picturesque open world, and once we take for solving various puzzles. These initial are really simple and fun, but of course the farther into the forest, the difficulty level higher and higher. Interestingly, every puzzle in the game is based on the same scheme – a panel, panel appears maze, and the player has to his crossing. Simple? Only in theory, because it soon becomes clear that you need to do more than just bring the line to end. At stake, among others, drawing intricate designs and continuous combining. I would write more, but I really do not want anyone to spoil the fun. I will tell only that in The Witness, nothing is accidental. Nothing. Observant will be rewarded.



And everything would be great if twócy not limit themselves exclusively to these panels. Okay, virtually every one of them is unique in its own way, but … it’s still only panels. I would not mind if in the framework of a bumper player has abandoned a moment dizzying mini-mazes for something completely different. I will say this: I could not play The Witness string and constantly had to skillfully dosed in a game not to go crazy. Maybe a little because the game … not really rewards the player for pouring himself to the limit? Solving a string of intricate puzzles, I would like now to learn more about the world, which came to me collide. Instead … I carefully hid audiologist, which although a variety of flow of wisdom, but it’s hard to not bite when the brain constantly evaporates from combining. The narrative is fragmentary and if you really hunger for knowledge about the history of The Witness, you have to be patient and endure to the end of the game. But even then you must be prepared that you will not get ready answers. Okay, the more puzzles included, the more talkative teachers in the epilogue, but in the end all you have to guess here. Play The Witness is like watching a looped end of “Inception.”

Aesthetically, open-world rewards, but many ills. This is how thought through every inch of the spots allows the legs. Not only that, it’s all been planned wisely, it’s taken care of too, that the player had to suspend the eye. The playing area is not overly large, but it is a real festival of colors and diversity – is an autumnal forest, deserts, dark caves, buildings like temples, and even futuristic objects. In addition, you can be sure that each such seat reservation is from top to bottom strewn with riddles, and such widoczki motivate. A big plus that playing has complete freedom in terms of szwendania around the world – when one location is too difficult, you can always get on another one.

The Witness Minimum Requirements
CPU: Info
CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz
OS: Windows 7
Free Disk Space: 4 GB


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