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911 Operator Review

911 Operator Review

If we were to make a list of the most responsible and stressful jobs in the world, we would surely include an ER dispatcher alongside an air traffic controller, surgeon or judge. There is no denying that a candidate for this demanding position must be a versatile person - competent, composed, curious and perfectly coordinated, who can solve many different problems at the same time. In a word: a human orchestra. A substitute for these incredible emotions and constant stress is the production of the domestic Jutsu Games studio called Emergency Number Operator (known outside of Poland as 911 Operator). The 911 Operator is actually Jutsu Games Studio's debut title in the broader gaming arena. Until now, this Warsaw studio had only a little-known mobile game Modern Wizards in its portfolio, so the described simulator is actually the first large and serious project of this developer. Given the flood of various, often absurd, simulators, the production of the studio that debuted in the serious game world should be very interesting. We have too many robots, units don't keep up with mission departures, and sometimes we even feel like someone is actually calling us from a phone booth and reporting a false event.

911 Operator

The concept behind the Emergency Number Operator is very simple - the player slips into the role of an emergency call dispatcher, sits in the emergency call center and sends his subordinate units for further actions. Reports appear on our screen in three different ways - we can receive a call from the person who is a witness or perpetrator of the incident, we receive a notification directly to the headquarters or we notice unusual events during the patrol of units in the city. Of course, our task is to solve as many cases as efficiently as possible while maintaining common sense in the field of interventions - after all, not everyone calls the emergency number as intended. The game is played in two modes - the campaign allows us to complete tasks in the headquarters of services in 6 cities, including New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Interestingly, the layout of roads and rescue infrastructure corresponds to reality, which will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of realism and accurate mapping of the metropolis. Of course, we don't cover the entire city with our range - that would be a very risky undertaking. Anyway, we have a really big area under our care that we have to work meticulously.
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However, before we start the actual operation, it is necessary to properly prepare the units that participate not only in routine patrols, but also in rescue operations. The player takes care of three types of vehicles: police, firefighters and those related to saving health. In total we'll find over a dozen machines in the game, from motorcycles or police cars to vans, ambulances and helicopters. Each of them has different characteristics in terms of speed of movement, capacity of victims or criminals and number of personnel. Depending on the budget, we should try to make the set of vehicles and services as diverse as possible, as numerous as possible and very well equipped - and so police officers will certainly need weapons and bulletproof vests, while firefighters will not despise a set of technical aids.

The key to the success of the entire duty is also the correct placement of each department on the city map. If you leave them in the standard locations near the post office, you can be sure that after a few dozen minutes the emergency call simulator will turn into a funeral home simulator. Proper deployment of units early on is key to efficient management of the entire rescue system - and while all units will likely change places as the game progresses, efficient castles guarantee ultimate success. Success is counted in reputation points for each successful action. The highly anticipated project Emergency Number Operator is evidenced by the fact that the game was awarded the Most Interesting Indie Game during last year's Digital Dragons, which was held in Kraków. I can definitely say that trust in the makers was not in vain. The game system is very simple - from time to time new events appear on the map, and the color on the icon at the place of action indicates which services should take care of the problem. This fact applies to reports that come to us directly from headquarters - then all you have to do is select the appropriate unit on the map and send it to its destination. Things get more complicated when we get the call. It doesn't say at all that the callers need immediate help. Yes, requests to save life, health or property due to unforeseen events are in the vast majority, but there are also reports that do not deserve our attention at all.

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