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About Us

Each of us has had a time in our lives when we sat down in front of a PC and installed our first games. We've traveled the worlds, we've delved into the stories hidden somewhere between the graphics that appear, or we've discovered what we can as the main characters.
We drew emotions, horror, fear, happiness, a smile, a sense of accomplishment, disbelief. All the productions we have played have left us a story that has been presented to us and has left it in our memory.
We created this portal for everyone who wants to enjoy PC games. Travel the worlds, discover them or immerse yourself in the worlds presented to us. All of this is free of course, you can browse the entire site without worrying about costs.

We make sure that our content is safe, you don't have to worry about anything, just browse, read and realize what a free pc game can offer us, which can arrive on our pcs in a few moments. We spend many hours, often not paying attention to what is happening outside the windows, we enter another world - the world of adventure.

The reviews that appear on our site are completely objective - after all, each of us looks at free PC games through our prism, learns more and more information and draws satisfaction from what is shown to us.
We try to provide as much information as possible, the most important and the less important, but still give us a broader picture of the production we are interested in.

Our team:

Abigail Luvreen Martin Podesky
Abraham Goodwing
Alex Boromsky
Dan Martec
Olivier Finish
Evelyn Pool

Have a nice day and continue to enjoy from us!
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