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What's the deal with the gaming PC?
GamesPC has developed a digital portal for PCs and mobile phones especially for gamers. It focuses on showing selected games created for personal computers and reviews of the latest productions that bring amazing emotions during the game. Website functionality is key, transparency is maximized to the limit to make it easier for players to navigate the site.

Where can I download the games for PC?
Visiting the GamesPC website, we can see the list of the best games on the PC market and their ratings. Each of the games described on this website has a transition to the page where the product is available. Just find the PC game you are looking for and that's it!

What platforms does the gaming PC support?
The games PC currently offers productions that are intended for PCs. You can check any fancy pc game website for platform compatibility of a specific production.

What are the future plans for the gaming PC?
We plan to introduce daily updates of productions made for the PC platform and expand the list with new reviews of top PC games. The entire portal will always be clear and user-friendly in order to find the most important and valuable thing on the GamingPC site as quickly as possible. News stories such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube are enriched with up-to-date information.

What's the deal with free games for PC?
The GamesPC site offers free games every day throughout the year. If you get a free game, you can keep it even if it is no longer visible on the portal (game name).

Can I try a game before I buy it?
Some publishers offer demos or free trial versions of some PC game productions. Such articles will be displayed on our website with a corresponding annotation - we can download the content and try a particular article, but after the trial period has expired we will no longer have access to that production.

How do I contact support?
You can contact GamingPC customer service by going to the Contact Us section. On the website we provide all the necessary information to contact our support. We will reply as soon as possible.

Is GamingPC safe?
We care about our security and that of our users. The entire website is protected against malicious attacks. You can feel safe while surfing on gaming pc

Is the GamesPC download form safe?
Downloading content from our site is largely secure. It does not contain any viruses or unwanted software, so the user can enjoy the downloaded content. We are protected by the biggest and best antivirus software providers.

What are the instructions for installing software?
Each installation package contains its own set of instructions for installing the product on your PC. Just follow the instructions, if all goes well you are all set.

How can I check if my PC is compatible?
You can check the system requirements directly on the website with a specific production, be it on the relevant website or on the review. Meeting the minimum system requirements is mandatory.

Should I pay something?
No, our website is completely free to browse. We do not charge for creating an account or browsing our PCGamingSite website

I'm having trouble, where should I go?
The easiest way is to contact our support department by writing to us and describing what problem you are having. Our team will reply as soon as possible and propose a solution.
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