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There's a lot to say about Electronic Arts, but the EA Originals indie program was a huge hit. Small but ambitious authors have received huge support that they cannot praise, Electronic Arts itself is improving its negative image at a relatively low cost, and players are getting great titles that might not otherwise be made or look a lot less interesting. It was the collaboration between the company linked to The Sims, Need for Speed, FIFA and Battlefield series and independent studios that created such jewels as Unravel or Fe and now also the latest production of Josef Fares, creator of Brothers , brought forth : A tale of two sons. At first glance, A Way Out is a typical, heavily scripted action game, characterized by the fact that it can only be played in duet. However, this is only the first impression that evaporates rather quickly, revealing that this is a title that is much more than a cooperative copy of Uncharted. After hearing the stories of the two runaways, I fully understand why, during a memorable speech at the 2017 Game Awards, Josef Fares claimed he was so confident in his game that he would defend it, even if the whole world did would mistake it for a misfire.

A Way Out is it any good?

In A Way Out we play the role of two men from different backgrounds whose paths meet in... a prison. Vincent is a composed and prudent banker who is surprisingly comfortable in stressful situations. Leo had lived on the streets from an early age, leading a life of crime that toughened him, ruthlessly, and taught him the fact that it's often better to act first than think. Despite the initial dislike, the gentlemen soon discover they have something in common - they both ended up behind bars for the actions of the same person. So the prisoners decide to band together and first regain their freedom and then find and punish whoever ruined their life. The preview materials made no bones about it, so I won't give too much away when I write that our duo finally manage to escape from the rehab facility and the plot, like those on death row, becomes a more typical one Action film that takes the characters to different places - from the city hospital to the American forests to the jungle. A Way Out The story didn't impress me much most of the time and really moved from one typical theme to the next. Relations between the protagonists gradually warmed up, the gentlemen learned to trust each other more and more and did not forget to regularly eat each other. The quieter passages allowed a closer look at their motivations and families, while the action sequences didn't let any tiredness arise. Everything, however, was performed to the rhythm of familiar bars - well played and pleasing to the ear, but not danceable.
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However, my perception of the story has improved significantly through the last chapters, which fell far short of my expectations and surprised me in a very positive way. Therefore, I rate the story of the game positively in the end. The story is by no means ambitious, but exciting and entertaining. However, it wasn't her that contributed to the high rating you see at the top of the page. A Way Out's strength lies elsewhere. Pre-release material, particularly one released just before the gameplay title, raised concerns that the game could be overwritten and become a QTE sequence festival. In fact, there's a lot of scripting here, and there's a lot of linearity throughout the game, but it's not a playthrough. The fragment presented in the gameplay video, which takes place in the hospital, turned out not to be representative of the game as a whole, as it is characterized by an incredible variety. The game's beginnings resemble a simple fictional adventure game in the vein of Heavy Rain or Telltale Games, but we quickly realize that the Hazelight team made sure we didn't get bored for a moment. Adventure sequences suddenly turn into typical stealth stages, which can be replaced a little later by a dramatic chase, crowned by a boat trip on a rushing river.

A Two Player Copy We can play A Way Out in local co-op mode or over the network. Although this feature didn't work before launch, you only need one copy of the game to play online. If we have bought this title we can send an invitation to a friend that will allow you to download a special trial version and complete all the chapters with us. However, it is not possible to play A Way Out solo. Josef Fares' work was intended to be a two-player experience from start to finish and, according to the producer, would lose too much of its charm on its own, so that option wasn't even considered. There is no boredom during the game, because at each step we will learn new mechanics, sometimes created just for the needs of a few minutes of fun or just for one of the two protagonists. Even in quieter moments focused on exploration, we can almost always count on a simple optional competitive mini-game with a partner - play baseball, darts or see which of the heroes is better at keeping their balance.

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