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Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

Nearly 20 years ago, when space shooters like Quake 2 and Dark Forces 2 were hitting the market, Steven Spielberg, despite industry opposition, insisted on creating a game whose action during the second World War plays. Subsequent editions of the Medal of Honor, published by Electronic Arts, proved a great success, triggering a veritable flood of titles in these climates. Today the story comes full circle. Amidst the vast number of gunfights vying each year to portray the most futuristic conflict, the "Electronics" once again prevails with a game set in historical realities - this time World War I. Battlefield 1 doesn't try to turn the well-known and popular gameplay scheme on its head and forcibly adapt it to the specifics of trench warfare. Instead, it deftly navigates through the final years of depicted military operations, eagerly utilizing existing military inventions. Battlefield 1 It still serves the momentum of the series of all-out battles on land, sea and air, but efficiently carried over to the early 20th century. The first tanks, planes, machine guns and, above all, incredibly suggestive battlefields were enough to bring the expected freshness to the well-known game. With a fairly successful single player campaign, a strong emphasis on WW1 history and a fantastic setting, One is the best Battlefield since Bad Company 2!

Battlefield 1

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Tired of futuristic exoskeletons, drones and all that never-ending "advanced warfare"? Did you miss the shooters in WWII? Battlefield 1 is for you. It's practically Medal of Honor: Allied Assault or Call of Duty 2 with graphics on par with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter but without Thompson, Garand and Normandy. Even in multiplayer games, there are instructive chats from a lecturer who introduces us to the flow of well-known battles, and in addition we keep coming across historical places, names, equipment and curiosities. On the other hand, people who are mainly used to modern warfare with Battlefield 3 and 4 will also feel at home here. The authors made sure that all common and convenient tools of destruction also appeared during the First World War. Battlefield 1 So we have the ubiquitous clatter of machine guns, attack aircraft, fast motor boats, man-portable mortars, and even "lenses" or target collimators! Exaggeration? Fantastic? Not completely. From a certain stage in history, armed conflicts did not change much, only perfecting the means of destruction, and during the First World War the technique of warfare that accompanies soldiers to this day was born. The creators also mainly present the last phase of this confrontation, when many inventions in the form of unguided rockets fired from airplanes or a "dot" sight actually already existed. True, sometimes this Virtual War I may seem too dynamic or too chaotic, but fighting in the narrow streets of the city ruins in the Battle of Amiens or on the scorched earth in St. Quentin, we immediately feel that despite the known mechanisms is a completely different atmosphere. The majestic airship, bayonet attacks, dirty trenches, biplanes - all this makes it easy for us to get to 1914-1918 and to the point when the era of maneuver warfare and dominance of armored forces began.

There's no denying that Swedish studio DICE didn't want some facts from the history of the weapon and tactics so badly, even had to bend them to fit the realities of the Battlefield game. World War I looks a bit like an archaeologist's work by Indiana Jones - not entirely real, but incredibly spectacular and addictive. After playing a few rounds online, we will quickly understand the motives of the authors. A group of sixty random people on the server has no chance of behaving like an army since it is an organism and blindly listens to its commander. Battlefield 1 is a Battlefield like its predecessors, and the battlefield is even more immersive than before - covered in dirt, mud and blood. Battlefield 1 As in the title of the first mission of the story campaign. Bad memories of the poorly told stories in Battlefield 4 or Hardlin raised many concerns as to whether the writers would be up to the task and "get it" this time, but it turns out that...they did. The single-player campaign might not be as heartbreaking as it was in Valiant Hearts and won't be remembered for long, but it must be admitted that it has its moments and even a rather unusual plot twist that will leave you a little stunned in one of the consequences. Everything is arranged like a series, where each part tells something different and represents a short, self-contained story. We accompany a young tank driver from England, an impetuous pilot from Canada, a walker from Italy, a scout from Australia and a brave woman in the Arabian desert, each time we see really well-made cutscenes, albeit sometimes too pathetic and predictable dialogues.

In addition to the well-executed concept of the war series, there is also the gameplay itself, where the creators did not manage to avoid certain disadvantages. The most painful thing is the artificial intelligence of the opponents, or rather their complete lack. Enemy soldiers are ordinary puppets, pushing against the barrel just to slow our march through the map a bit. The impression, which also returns in the great war, that we are a lone wolf with an army against us. Battlefield 1 We often feel doomed to our own power, and when the whole unit lashes out, our companions turn out to be just an impersonal mob, sometimes fighting somewhere in the background, who wouldn't accomplish anything without us. We defeat a large portion of each mission solo, and the writers justified that with an increased emphasis on...stealth. Battlefield 1 There are override alarms, traditional yellow-to-red remote warning indicators, and even Battlefield Hardline's decoy grenades and suppressed weapons. Playing as Sam Fisher is optional, although highly recommended, and you can also choose to fight openly and use stationary cannons or handguns set up anywhere. The announced incorporation of elements from the multiplayer game is limited to the occasional need to wait a moment at the flag and capture a point - just like in Conquest mode, but it's also worth paying attention to rather large levels with hidden collectibles , do not resemble standard corridors. In doing so, we keep coming across alternative paths to the goal, and in one of the episodes we even decide the order in which we complete several tasks.

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