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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Review

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At the moment the game offers four variants of the game by default: Arms Race - a variant of Team Deathmatch. We respawn almost immediately after death and get new weapons after each kill. It's a bit of a mess, but surprisingly it works. Demolition - a combination of an arms race and the classic way of completing a task (a bomb has to be planted or a hostage taken back). We don't buy weapons, and for every kill we get a new weapon in the next round. Classics simplified - the good old "bomb / free hostages" with facilities for modern "noobs". Friend fires, lower kill bonuses, character clipping, meet is shorter. Classic Tournament Mode - an absolutely classic mode, the essence of Counter-Strike. This is how pros play, this is how tournaments play, this is how real men and women play! Ten participants, a game to sixteen wins by two points and no mercy for the weak. The first two modes are - as you can see at first glance - "clogs". I checked out of curiosity, I even pleasantly spent several dozen minutes in them, but to be honest I wouldn't have turned on the game specifically for them. The third is a warm-up for people new to CS - a nice nod to beginners, but die-hard fans of the original will surely miss it.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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Of course we also have tutorials and games with bots. There was also support for dedicated servers. It is not a problem for any clan, clan or team to have a place to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The automatic search system makes life a lot easier for people who don't have regular gaming partners. That was missing in previous installments - most of the time we ended up on a server where twenty characters shot at each other with no order or composition, and that's not the point. Of course, we'll spend most of our time playing "classic", that is, in teams of five battling through to sixteen points, with a half-game substitution. This mode still provides great excitement and unearthly satisfaction with every enemy killed, an accurate shot, not to mention the euphoria after defusing the bomb. The better we do, the more money we get. The more money we have, the more powerful weapons we buy. The deadlier the weapons, the better we perform - the circle closes. This is not a game for the forward looking, impatient Rambo. Here you don't have to put half the magazine in the player, a moment of inattention is enough and we're all (or the opponent). Counter-Strike enforces team play, cautious but often rewarding for risk-taking, tactical and at the height of our skills. It's not a picnic or relaxation, the emotions here are extreme - from extreme frustration to insane joy.

Over time and through subsequent updates, Cs became and is a better game. Also, e-sports teams like Virtus were created. A pro-Polish team based on the Russian capital -Gamers 2 or the Swedish Fnatic.Cs is made by recorded many famous YouTubers like Piotr "Izak" Skowyrski or Szymon "IsamuxPompa" Kasprzyk. Recently, the first technical school of e-sports in Kędzierzyn-Koźle was established in Poland, which offers, among other things: focused on gameplay in the game described here. It should be emphasized that Counter Strike is only available in electronic distribution through the Steam platform.

A special ranking system was created to check skills. It starts with Silver 1 and ends with Global Elite. The most popular game mode is the Tournament Classic, which is where I spend most of my time in this game. Matches last up to 30 rounds. 5 members participate in this mode. On the Counter Terrorism (CT) and Terrorists (TT) side, so a total of 10 players. TT's task is to either bomb site A or B or defeat all CTs, while Ct's task is to defuse the bomb in the allotted time or defeat the entire opposing team. Now we continue with weapons that differ slightly depending on the page we are on. Stun grenades, molotovs and smoke grenades play a major role in the game. They make the game easier and more varied. In addition to shooting skills, you need good tactics that we can use to win .

Time for a summary. I'll start with the pluses, namely, thanks to CS we can spend time with friends, compete with other players, develop our reflexes and teamwork. This game is also distinguished by low hardware requirements and a low price , the opportunity to make money. The main disadvantage of this game is undoubtedly the players who cannot or do not want to cooperate or, worse, troll or use "Haxes". The game also includes skins and opening boxes that we spend real money on.

Counter Strike Global Offensive I settled on a strong 7/10. Even if the graphics aren't very high quality, it makes up for it with the amazing gameplay - sitting in front of your monitors you'll feel the power of CS, it's incredibly addictive, you'll want to play a different game after every game this is one of the main factors that make Counter a worldwide popular game that is undoubtedly worth the money and play.

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