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Dead Space 2 Review

Dead Space 2 Review

Three long years have passed since the incident on the planet Aegis VII. As we witnessed at the end of the first Dead Space, Isaac Clarke managed to destroy the entity that controlled the Necromorphs and also ruined the mining colony that housed the Red Mark - an ancient artifact copied by scientists and the Key to invading was bloodthirsty creatures. It seemed as if the engineer would be able to take a well-deserved break after this feat. And in a way he did, even though he didn't exactly like the resort. The action of the second game in the Dead Space series takes place on Titan, the largest moon of the sixth planet in the solar system, Saturn. Clarke is in the Cluster space station, more specifically in the hospital where he wakes up from the coma. It is not known how Isaac ended up in the sanatorium - we can only assume that his stay there is related to the events that our daredevil witnessed in Ishimura. There is no time for deeper thought - at the beginning of the game another infection appears, which turns the lives of the people living in the Concentration into a nightmare. Extraterrestrial creatures quickly expand their ranks, because every human killed is immediately absorbed into the bloodthirsty horde.

Dead Space 2

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Clarke has no choice. To survive in a hostile environment, she must once again face the Necromorphs. This time, however, not only monsters are his enemy. The engineer has obvious issues with his own psyche, as we're convinced by hallucinations linked to his late girlfriend - Nicole Brennan. So Isaac fights both the Necro Plague and himself. Along the way, he also tries to answer the fundamental question: what the hell is going on? The action in Dead Space 2 went quite smoothly. The next pieces of the puzzle are revealed little by little and almost until the end it is difficult to predict how everything will develop. There was a little more emphasis on dialogue than on "One" as Isaac began to speak. The creators did not forget to place in the game a large number of text messages and audio recordings, revealing a lot of information about the station and its residents. Unfortunately, the story itself leaves a lot to be desired and in places one can get the impression that the authors have rethought a little - I don't want to go into detail here so as not to spoil anyone's fun, but let the story take a back seat first Dead Space made a much better impression, if not very original. The disappointment is great, especially after the grand finale. The endgame is terribly lame, the authors didn't show an interesting idea to end the game in style. However, they didn't forget to leave a gate for possible sequels. In fact, after such an ending, fifteen more Dead Spaces can be created. The game also seems less organized in entirely different, seemingly mundane subjects. While the presence of mining tools on the Planet Crusher didn't raise objections, it's hard to accept that the plasma saw - Clarke's main attribute - is located in a medical complex just like that.

The first game also cleverly explains the need to fight in four-trigger rooms, which is common in both parts of the series. When Necromorphs appeared in the area, Ishimura's system administered a quarantine, not allowing anyone to leave the contaminated space until it stopped registering extraterrestrial life forms. Clarke then had to kill her to continue - logical, right? In Dead Space 2, the problem was solved less convincingly. In the cluster, simply turning off the power is the order of the day, and the power will not be restored until the last enemy is dead. Then why I don't know, but after one such incident it started to irritate me. For comparison - with the "One" I didn't pay attention at all. Okay, I complained - now it's time to praise the new Dead Space. The biggest plus is of course the fantastically implemented action. Anyone who enjoyed the game's specific sluggish pace from the original and doesn't mind seeing Isaac Clarke spinning at the speed of a turtle will easily fall in love with The Two. The authors improved the controls, slightly accelerated the engineer himself and slightly increased the field of view, but still the shooting can hardly be called exuberant. Dead Space 2 requires angelic patience as the encounters with creatures are very similar and tiresome over time. True, we occasionally come across some variety in the game, in the form of a simple logical puzzle and again in the form of an exciting plot based almost entirely on scripts (the train ride breaks your head!), But the essence of the fight was the tedious progression , preferably with the weapon ready to fire, in order to reduce damage to health to a minimum.

A few new Necromorphs have been added to the enemy menagerie, which is also a plus. They shine especially with creatures that move faster than Isaac himself - each confrontation with opponents who can move across the board at high speed increases the attractiveness of the fights significantly. I have to admit that there were moments when I stood in the doorway and was afraid to take a few steps forward, knowing that the stalkers nearby would immediately try to ram me. I'm also glad that the difficulty level has increased significantly. The puppets attack in larger groups, and there's more direct contact than in the original, so you'd have to be pretty naked to get out of trouble. However, the real carnage awaits in the final chapters. The makers have crammed so many enemies onto the boards that combat becomes tiresome as hell. And Isaac is not a tough guy. He loses his health quickly, and he's usually low on ammo - if you think completing a "deuce" with a plasma saw in his paw is as easy as before, good luck. Another credit is the expansion of Clarke's handheld arsenal - now he has some really interesting weapons to choose from. In addition to those known from the original, there are completely new inventions, including a bolt gun, similar to the Painkiller and the second BioShock, and a sniper rifle that deals very high damage. Weapons, like the original, can be upgraded in workshops that can be found here and there. Of course, the performance nodes necessary for this are so few that it is impossible to improve everything to the maximum. So let's get acquainted with each destruction tool and just pick a few that suit us best. This isn't Quake, where the weapon hidden in the inventory can be pulled out at any point in the game. If we don't systematically develop two, maximum three poppers, we'll wake up at the end of the game with one hand in the potty.

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