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Diablo III Review

Diablo III Review

Blizzard has long put Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners ahead of the game by signaling ongoing work on the Diablo III port, but without promising anything concrete. The caution of the Americans was understandable - not only that the conversion of a native PC product as such could not be easy, but also the developer had practically no experience in developing games for these platforms. Blizzard's last console title was StarCraft 64 in 2000, and Diablo, released a little earlier for the first PlayStation (1998), was prepared by outside studio Climax. However, the chance of additional earnings weighed on the scales and finally the authors achieved their goal. The console edition of Horned, created entirely by the Irvine-based company, is already a fact. And most importantly, this is an edition that ends up looking good as hell. The biggest concern in the port was of course control. In this regard, Blizzard has the edge - controlling heroes with the pads is very comfortable and in no way inferior to the traditional keyboard-mouse set (I even know those who say that it surpasses it). At first, only those who have spent a lot of time with the PC prototype may have problems - you have to get used to not pointing the mouse pointer to a point on the map, but directing the character directly, like in any other action RPG -Production. Skill fire blasts are controlled with the buttons on the right side of the controller. The left trigger is used to block the enemy's view, which is used in ranged attacks.

Diablo III

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A big novelty in this port is the ability to roll in any direction, which allows you to break free from the embrace of the advancing monsters. However, executing this maneuver correctly will not prevent the opponent's attack from reaching us. The game still calculates the chance to dodge and block based on the hero's stats, so sudden distance from your opponent won't settle matters. The new ability should be treated more in the category of a quick position change option, which is extremely useful especially in fights with champions, as it allows you to escape from the blast zone of various contraptions created by elite monsters, such as Therefore, mastering coups becomes important when traversing the sanctuary on higher difficulties, when almost every rival of this type has area obstacles. Not only the controls, but also the interface has undergone a solid correction. In the Diablo III console, the cumulative inventory screen, where all collected items are placed, has been completely removed. The latter are displayed on the character sheet in the appropriate category (separate helmets, separate breastplates, etc.), which allows you to avoid unnecessary confusion. That doesn't change the fact that browsing the lists is cumbersome and takes up too much time later in the game. The authors introduced the feature of quickly applying the staples, but you cannot check which factors are characterized by a specific weapon or armor. This forces us to painstakingly comb through the lists just to find out that the find really suits our client. Character abilities are also managed in a manner similar to equipment in the Diablo III console. There are no major problems here, however, the circulatory system is so transparent and functional that it passes the test for a five.

Loot went through a major metamorphosis. In Diablo III, there is no console auction house, so the items that interest us must be found, crafted in a forge, or bought from a merchant. The authors significantly reduced the amount of scrap metal, which is clearly visible at the beginning of the game - at the first stage of the game the problem is not to carry anything. The items falling from the corpses are not only fancier, but also have better draw coefficients, which correspond to our hero's main attribute. There are also individual pieces more often than in the original, and what is important, they are characterized by significantly higher base values. No matter which copy of this type we take a closer look at, a direct comparison with the PC counterpart is always at the expense of the original. In doing so, Blizzard made life easier for console players and at the same time provided another argument for the dissatisfied people who were still demanding changes to the legendary item system in the Tins version. The gameplay follows a well-known scenario. There are four big acts to get through, the port hasn't been improved or cut short in any way in that regard. To fully complete Diablo III, we must defeat the titular demon four times with a hero, each time on a different difficulty. In addition to the standard crossbars (Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno), there is also the so-called monster power (Monster Power), which additionally determines how long the mess can wander around the Sanctuary. Blizzard decided that an eight-point scale for consoles was enough here, and cut out the first, third, and fifth tiers. Consequently, the low variant is MP0, the medium variant is MP2 and the high variant is MP4. The next five, known as "Champion", correspond to an MP of 6 to 10.

The offline mode is also a plus point of the console version. Of course you can play online, but the need for a permanent connection to the Internet has disappeared (which is especially important for less affluent users of the 360), the game also doesn't need Blizzard's original invention, the, to play to be happy. Battles can be carried out by up to four people on one console, and saved heroes can be transferred between devices using any flash drive. The joyful extermination of monsters in a group of friends is another advantage, although it must be remembered that this comes with certain inconveniences. If one of the participants in the game wants to bury the equipment or change its skills, the others will have to wait patiently, since they will not be able to do anything else during this time. Characters also need to be visible on one screen at all times, so you can forget about the occasional fling and returning to town alone - when someone opens the portal, everyone, without exception, awaits the journey. Shared loot can also be a problem. It's not as good as online, where each participant gets their finds. Here we have to accept the correction that a colleague sitting next to us can fold an attractive object under our noses and nothing can be done about it - at least in the game itself. When preparing the console edition of Diablo III, Blizzard proved that it is for everyone , who wants it is not difficult.

You can easily enclose a PC-based product in a small console body and eliminate any discomfort due to the change in game operation. Considering the previous experiments of other developers in this area, it is difficult not to respect the authors of the port. Incidentally, they also proved that the implementation is able to surpass the original in several respects. A lot of things were done better in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions than on the PC, and the most striking example of this is the elemental loot issue for this series. In the console version, no one has to go against the grain and decide to have fun without visiting the auction house because the latter just isn't there. Blizzard's controversial idea took its toll on him, because it turned out that a few thorough modifications can completely change the image of the final product. In Diablo III, what we're primarily relying on on console is what will fall out of the slaughtered creatures, and that's something many fans of the previous installments in the series would love to see on the can.

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