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In Sifu, we observe the action from different perspectives (while moving around the locations, the camera is behind the hero's back, but its position changes when there is a fight - then it shows us the events from different angles, and the shots are characterized by a certain dose of cinematography). Fun in Sifu is about exploring the boards and fighting with the opponents you meet.

The player fights both regular bandits (some of them are equipped with weapons, e.g. knives) and bosses. Skillful fingers and positioning play a key role here - we have to move in such a way as to avoid attacks and maximize damage dealt to enemies by using our surroundings. In Sifu, we sometimes also take over items owned by enemies for a while (we can deal blows and throw them). It is worth noting that in Sifu the boards are partially destructible - blows can, for example, destroy railings or tables.

An intriguing gameplay element in Sifu is the mechanics of character aging. At the beginning of the game, our hero is 20 years old. In his inventory is a magical artifact, powered by life forces, which has the extraordinary power of resurrection. Every time the protagonist dies during combat, we can use an ancient talisman to bring him back to life. However, this comes at a cost. After each return from the afterlife, the hero gets older.

Sifu PC Download

In addition, each subsequent death in Sifu increases the number of years accrued to him after resurrecting (the first time the character will age by a year, the next by two, etc.). We also cannot use this option indefinitely. After reaching a certain age of the hero, final death awaits. Aging a character does not negatively affect his ability to fight with luck. The older the hero is, the more powerful his blows become.

In addition, in the course of the game, Sifu discovers new skills (primarily powerful Pak-Mei Kung Fu techniques). The purchase of further abilities is possible between death and rebirth, as well as between missions or at special shrines. A useful tool is also a detective board, illustrating our progress in the investigation and storing all the information collected. This game has no difficulty levels. The creators wanted each failure to be a valuable lesson for us, and each subsequent hour of the game made it easier for us to understand the combat system used in it. It is possible to complete Sifu without losing a single life, but it requires focus and reflexes.

The combat system seems very simple at first. We have a classic set of weak and strong blows and several sequences of blows connecting them, e.g. cuts and pushes. Plus dodges, parries and blocks. Our hero, like his opponents, apart from health points, also has a posture bar known from Sekiro. By breaking the posture with attacks, we can knock down the enemy and quickly finish him off. Easy? It just seems so. For the first opponents, it is enough to know the basic moves and block properly. However, the level of difficulty increases quickly. Quickly!

Sifu PC Download Free
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CPU: AMD FX-4350 or Intel Core i5-3470 or equivalent
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OS: Windows 8.1
HDD: 22 GB

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Already at the second stage, we realize that without a thorough knowledge of all available moves, we will not get far. We also need to know how to use the battlefield, the items available on it, or what sequences of blows are performed by individual opponents. Added to this is the control of crowds of opponents, known from classic beat 'em ups, the proper selection of targets and avoiding being surrounded. There are a lot of elements that we need to learn, and decisions must be made in fractions of seconds.

However, if we learn everything, our fights will start to resemble a real bloody ballet, full of perfect dodges and deadly counters. The combat system in SIFU is absolutely amazing and extremely satisfying. Unfortunately, learning it will sometimes tear your hair out. I am not joking. All because of the game's unforgiving and perfection-demanding structure.

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