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911 Operator For PC Download The strategy simulation game developed by home studio Jutsu Games is an evolution of the winning project of the Indie Showcase competition held during the Digital Dragons 2016 conference. 911 Operator for PC, AND, etc. is a strategic simulation production by the Warsaw Jutsu Games studio, previously created for mobile Modern Wizards and several Flash titles, among others. The game became famous after winning the indie showcase competition at Digital Dragons 2016. 911 Operator DownloadIn 911 Operator, players play the role of an emergency service worker who operates the telephone line. First of all, our duties include answering calls from people who are at risk or already injured, assisting them and dispatching targeted uniform and rescue services to the venues. This means that we have to give, for example, first aid advice and select the right number of people and vehicles (trucks, helicopters and police, fire and ambulance vehicles) in order to send a well-prepared team to the scene of the accident. In addition, there are sometimes jokers - you just have to ignore them if we can recognize the delinquent in the conversation. Developers have addressed a variety of situations - sometimes very serious, sometimes funny, and sometimes frustrating. We fight with them as part of the story mode that takes place in six cities.

911 Operator PC Download

The player can also play the game in any mode and provides an opportunity to pass the duty on any of the cities whose map is in the OpenStreetMap database. Thanks to this, in 911 Operator we process events that take place in real places, and the location of hospitals, a fire station or police stations faithfully reflects the real state. Two-dimensional graphic design 911 operator for PC, AND etc. is minimalist and reduced to the depiction of the city map on which all entries, units etc. are visible. The game is also facilitated by a very transparent and easy to use interface.

911 Operator PC Download Free InstallShield
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911 Operator PC

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Jutsu Games
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GPU: ATI FireGL V7350
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 4.00GHz
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10

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The gameplay is characterized by its simplicity and accessibility, although without laziness on the part of the creators. Here is the only screen that we watch throughout the game is the city map with the threats and units at our disposal marked on it. We answer phone calls, ask about the causes of problems, address and all necessary details, and then send the appropriate services to the place. Simple? At this point, yes, but it gets extremely complicated, when at the same time there are two fires to be extinguished, the thief is fleeing the city in a stolen car, the policemen were attacked during a home intervention, and there is no ambulance to take the injured from the accident to the hospital - because one saves a man who was beaten in a fight, and the next one is in a hurry to help the unfortunate man who got mushroom poisoning during lunch. Although it is only a simple game, at such moments we really have to focus on how to arrange it all to get it all figured out.

Then it turns out that the dislocated leg may have to go without intervention, but at least it is known that no one will die from it. A very interesting twist during the game is the ability to play on the map of virtually any city in the world - these are downloaded from the OpenStreetMap website, so if only a given city is available on the web, you will be able to download it to your hard drive, and then start playing with, among others, . real street names. Sending a police car to neighbors in your hometown has an additional dimension, believe it, although it cannot be denied that the fun is definitely the best in larger metropolises like Barcelona, ​​London or New York. There we have more equipment at our disposal, often including police or medical helicopters. The number and frequency of notifications are also growing, although this is not always the rule. Randomness has a very good effect on replayability, making the duty on one day full of dramatic situations, and on the other day it allows you to catch your breath more calmly.

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