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Construction Simulator PC Download Free

As the head of the construction site in Construction Simulator, we manage the machines we choose, arrange new contracts for the company and implement them in the appointed time. The entire gameplay takes place on two fully open maps, dotted with places where we complete the tasks entrusted to us. While working, we have to adapt to the current weather conditions and the time of day, because Construction Simulator offers a dynamic day and night system. We have over 70 different machines at our disposal, from trucks, through excavators, to huge cranes. Their appearance and functionality were based on the equipment existing in the real world: the creators added 9 more to the licenses known from the previous parts, including from Doosan, DAF or Cifa, bringing their total number to 25.

In Construction Simulator, we have 90 different contracts to fulfill, under which we build both residential and utility buildings, as well as roads and bridges, leaving a permanent mark on the presented world. Depending on the vehicle, the position of the camera changes, which is why we do some work from the FPP perspective, others from the TPP perspective, and still others from the top-down perspective. Most of the activities consist in mapping shapes drawn on the ground, placing elements in the right order in their places or transporting building materials from the warehouse to the construction site.

Construction Simulator PC Download

Along with the execution of subsequent orders, our company develops, which allows us to win more and more lucrative contracts, buy new equipment and hire new employees in Construction Simulator. In addition to short additional missions, weltenbauer has prepared as many as two extensive feature campaigns in which we take part in much larger projects, e.g. helping with archaeological excavations, expanding the infrastructure of cities at the mayor's request, developing photovoltaic farms or rebuilding the local port. Story missions are available on two quite large maps set in Europe and the United States.

Earlier, I referred to Rockstar Games, because Construction Simulator is a kind of sandbox in which we can freely move around open areas, both on foot and using one of the many vehicles.
There is so much content and gameplay variety in Construction Simulator that I never felt bored for a moment. It is true that I still have a lot of work to do, but I have a feeling that I will continue to enjoy playing.

Construction Simulator PC Download Free
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Construction Simulator Free

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CPU: Intel i5-10400F or AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or comparable.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 (6GB) or AMD Radeon RX5700 (8GB) or comparable.
HDD: 10 GB.

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Especially if I manage to get my friends to play together, because the work of the weltenbauer studio has a cooperative mode for four users. Together with your companions, you can complete both the main missions from the story campaign and a single order. Running a business with your team works great, especially during more demanding tasks, during which you have to operate several machines.
From the first announcements, I felt that it was worth waiting for Construction Simulator and, fortunately, I was not disappointed. The gameplay is fantastic and the only thing that bothered me was the image flow issues, which sometimes knocked me out of my rhythm. Of course, some people may be put off by the budget visuals, but for me it was not a big problem, especially since the vehicles look really cool. The production has a rather slow pace of fun, but I also treat it as an advantage, because you can not only relax with it, but also catch up on podcasts.

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