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ABZU Download for PC Abzu is the debut effort from independent studio Giant Squids, founded by electronic games industry veteran Matt Nava, whose previous credits include being Art Director on Thatgamecompany's game Journey. His first work after self-employment is an ambitious project, which in its assumptions is clearly based on the experience of the production mentioned above. ABZU Download does not have a plot clearly defined by the authors. Exploring the presented world, the player learns the story of a lost civilization thanks to the frescoes found in the underwater ruins and interprets the events on the screen - there are no in-game dialogues and no traditional narrative.

ABZU PC Download

During gameplay, there is also residual interaction with the denizens of the deep, such as various species of fish, whales, and squid. In the game Giant Squid, our task is to penetrate the deep sea, so the developers paid a lot of attention to the animation of the diver, or rather our protagonist, and comfortable controls, in addition to being able to operate the direction of swimming and camera rotation ( via analog pads) is supported by only three with buttons - one responsible for the movement itself, the other for all interactions that take place on the contextual and third level for the temporary, three-level acceleration. A small part of the game also allows you to leave the aquatic environment. In Abzu, like in the Journey - Journey game mentioned above, you cannot be defeated, and the only certain challenge is to get all the achievements / trophies prepared by the creators of the program. In terms of binding, the game represents a high artistic level and offers an extremely colorful world, where even several hundred moving objects can appear on one screen. The creators did not try to realistically depict the oceanic depths. Thanks to this treatment, there is a good chance that the title will not live many years visually. Music deserves the highest recognition, ideally correlating with what is happening on screen.

ABZU PC Download Free InstallShield
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Game Producer:
Giant Squid
Game publisher:
505 Games
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CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz CPU Quad Core
OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
GPU: Geforce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7850

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Very similar - though not equipped with a flowing robe, and fins - a hero. A symbolic story full of understatements that tells us to push into the unknown. Monumental - but bathed in water, not sand - ruins. Everything was already in 2012. Abzu replicates these ideas, adding a beautiful world of his own. Take a look at these screenshots - fancy depths full of panache. Unnaturally vivid and colorful, but how eye-catching! Abzu is such an interactive postcard. Fortunately, the controls are so undemanding, because for half of the game one of my thumbs rested on the Share button on the pad. In Abzu you are amazed by nature, optionally discovered sea creatures, massive remains of a mysterious civilization or even more mysterious - it seems that not even from our planet - installations. An artistic masterpiece, a graphic bomb and a mandatory winner of all gamedev competitions in the graphics / art / design category

In a few places I was genuinely sorry that the levels are so much corridor and I just have to keep going. That I can't stop for a moment, look around, or grab the Yorda's hand. The visual splendor of Abzu works like a magnet, it is very atmospheric, but not oneiric. When traversing the depths of Abzu, we are not accompanied by the specific feeling of travel known from Thatgamecompany or the Team Ico series. There is no hardship over obstacles or too much time for contemplation. It also doesn't have that specific bond with an AI-controlled hero or, like in The Journey, another player. There are graphic fireworks, interesting musical arrangements, but in all this splendor the elusive thing is lost, which made that after turning on Journey before writing this text ("for a moment to remember"), I did not really want to turn it off and sit at the keyboard I also feel like returning to Abzu, while I already know that I will finish Traveling now, three years after its premiere, this time on PS4. So it is a game a bit worse than it, but similar in assumptions and design, much more suited to the potential digital bundle with Travel than Flow and Flower combined. However, it is also a clearly re-creation game and, despite the ocean depths, graphic panache and cultural references, it is shallower.

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