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Bus Simulator 16 PC Download

Bus Simulator 16 Another scene developed by the British company Astragon Software series of simulation, allowing game as a driver of public transport bus. In contrast to the previous parts of the series, for the rise of the game corresponds to the Austrian studio StillAlive previously known through action-adventure Son Nor. New developer efforts to role player limited only to the driving, but may most accurately reflect all aspects of the chauffeur's work. Bus Simulator 16 Download For PC Therefore, when we play we are responsible, among other things, also for interacting with passengers, ticket sales and dealing with various cases of accidental that can happen in city traffic. The Bus Simulator 16 with us we build the reputation system little by little depending on how we complete our tasks. Our actions therefore depend on the trust of passengers, which directly translates into revenue and development of the company.

Bus Simulator 16 PC Download

In the game we are again behind the wheel of a typical public transport bus in one of the German cities, but this time our role on the journey will not be limited to them. The creators have tried to reproduce all aspects of the operation of the chauffeur, who is also responsible for interacting with passengers, ticket sales and dealing with various cases of luck that can happen in city traffic outside of running along the designated line. In his work we need to take care of many important factors, ranging from mastering the intricacies of moving the bus in traffic, driving in accordance with the rules of the road, to the punctuality of the finish and ensuring the safety of our passengers. The career mode is accompanied by an extensive system of our reputation, we build little by little, depending on the extent to which we complete our tasks. The higher our reputation, the more likely passengers will be served by our lines, which of course translate into sales of corporate communications and its development (e.g. the newer and better buses).

Bus Simulator 16 PC Download
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Bus Simulator 16 PC

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CPU: Intel Core i3 with 3.3 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 96OT with 3.0 GHz or comparable processor
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
GPU: GeForce GTX 470 (1 GB VRAM) or comparable graphics card
HDD: 4,5 GB

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Astragon Entertainment has thought about various aspects of a bus driver's job. We must not only drive the vehicle and open the doors at stops, but also remember to turn on the lights or lower the wheelchair ramp. In addition, we sell tickets, including the efficient calculation of the rest. This is a nice take on the subject, although we have to look a little further to find out that the list of Bus Simulator 16's disadvantages is much longer than its advantages ...

Let's start with a driving model that is limited to the fact that the bus is moving ... and that's it. There is no feeling that we are driving a large vehicle. The impressions are as if we were moving with a big cardboard box on wheels. You don't feel the bends, don't feel the acceleration, don't feel the braking, there's no bumps or jerks. If real buses were to run as efficiently as those in Bus Simulator 16, their drivers probably wouldn't need a license for a separate category, because a B would suffice.

In Bus Simulator 16 we move around the fictional town of Sunny Springs. It is so ugly that even in competition with the locations from the games from the nineties, it would have nothing to look for. Over time, we unlock more Sunny Springs districts, but it doesn't matter because they all look almost the same. Just like car models - we constantly see twin-like vehicles on the streets.

In addition, traffic is hopeless. The authors tried to make it as realistic as possible - they thought about congestion, traffic jams or the police running on the signal - but the efforts ended. Artificial intelligence often works disastrously, causing drivers and pedestrians to behave completely different than they actually are. For example, the former are able to brake completely for no reason, and the latter jump out in front of our wheels like suicides. All this makes the "simulator" part of the name of the game a simple cheat.

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