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Bus Simulator 18 PC Free Download

Bus Simulator 18 Bus Simulator 18 is another part of the series of city bus simulators published by astragon Entertainment for a long time. Bus Simulator 18 on the PC platform is the next installment in a series of city bus simulators that astragon Entertainment has been developing for years. The game gives the player vehicles from brands such as MAN or Daimler Buses (the title has a license to use real cars) and allows you to drive around any of the German cities at will. Bus Simulator 18 was created by StillAlive Studio (authors of the previous PC part, aka Son of Nor). Bus Simulator 18 Download for PC In Bus Simulator 18 the player is not only responsible for punctuality and compliance with the highway code. His duties also include interacting with passengers (e.g. ticket sales) and dealing with various types of random events - incl. breakdowns, traffic jams, weather changes. Remarkably, the latest installment in the Bus Simulator series for PC boasts a world more than twice the size of its number 16 predecessor and a realistic day-night rhythm. Stillalive Studios production is, as the name suggests, a city bus driver simulator. The game does not set any sophisticated guidelines and has no plot. We're given the task of rebuilding public transport in the city from the start, although we're starting out modestly: with just one bus and a hassle-free journey.

Bus Simulator 18 PC Download

Over time, our skills expand: we gain access to new vehicles (machines from manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Setra, MAN or IVECO appear in the game), various accessories (for example, to modify the interior of buses) and unlock new locations , thanks to which we can break new ground. We can also hire new employees. The game can be played in a career mode, in which we will receive reputation points for reliably completing our tasks. The better an employee we are, the more likely our passengers are to travel with us, which in turn affects the financial results of the entire company – and therefore our access to more modern buses. The game also has a synchronous multiplayer mode. When traveling by bus, we not only have to ensure that we arrive on time. Also consider passenger expectations. These are not goods that simply have to be transported from A to B. On the one hand we have to respect the reputation (do not cause accidents, do not run red lights, watch out for speed limits or holes in the roads), on the other hand remember that not every bus passenger walks honestly. Some, for example, do not validate tickets. If in doubt, we can check at stops to see if anyone is a stowaway.

Bus Simulator 18 PC Free Download
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Bus Simulator 18 PC

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OS: Windows 10 64-Bit.
CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 (4th gen.) ...
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB VRAM) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB VRAM) or higher.
HDD: 6,5 GB

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The Seaside Valley map - because this is the name of the city in which the player will move - contains several smaller areas. The route that starts in the Technology Park passes through rural areas and an industrial area to finally end in a local town. Bus Simulator 18 Since the game is all about driving a bus, it is not hard to guess that the rules of the road and everything related to them will take the lead here. Naturally, it is mainly here that we find… roads. All buildings, vegetation and other objects are merely backgrounds that have no other use than the visual one.

Bus Simulator 18 The routes themselves have been designed here in such a way as not to give the player any delay (which is naturally shameful in this profession). Unfortunately, the medal has another side: the road design is simple, even banal. Just simple straight driving, interspersed with classic intersections and (rare) roundabouts. The number of current road signs has also been largely reduced, limiting themselves to those about the speed limit and right of way, plus signposts. This is a partially explainable condition; in an urban area controlled by traffic lights, road signs are not a necessary tool, but the player may still feel unsatisfied.

Despite many efforts of the creators to diversify the gameplay, it should be clearly stated that it ended with efforts. Bus Simulator 18 Well, there are potholes and thresholds here and there, passengers should be reminded, and from time to time one of them will have to get out of the vehicle in the middle of the street - when driving from one stop to another is still devilish ... boring !? This is due not only to the not very ambitious level of variety, but also to their small number. How many times can you sell the same ticket or leave the ramp for a disabled passenger?

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