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Bus Simulator 21 PC Free Download

Bus Simulator 21 is another part of a series of simulators that allow players to drive city buses. The production features a number of changes from the previous edition (including new vehicles and the second map). The StillAlive studio, also developed by Bus Simulator 18, is responsible for the creation of this title, the publisher is astragon Entertainment. In Bus Simulator 21, the main task of the player is to drive city buses in compliance with the current road traffic regulations and ensure the punctuality of the schedule. We also have to remember the passengers (interact with them, sell tickets) and deal with all sorts of problems. The production features new vehicles as well as two extensive maps. The first is a remastered version of the town of Seaside Valley, modeled after European metropolises (it's an extended version known from the add-on). The second - the city of Angel Shores - is new and inspired by San Francisco. Bus Simulator 21 Download for PC However, the role of the driver is not everything - in addition, the player is also involved in the management of the company. The mechanics of the game have also been improved in this respect - for example, we can create extensive timetables and routes for our bus fleet (we should also take into account the number of passengers). Importantly, users who don't want to bother with such things and prefer to drive can rely on an AI assistant to take over some of their tasks.

Bus Simulator 21 PC Download

The developers have also improved the systems responsible for the movement of pedestrians around the city and the weather. The production also offers a high-speed system, the ability to reduce time and the ability to take over any bus with artificial intelligence immediately - we can get behind the wheel at any time. In Bus Simulator 21 we can play alone or with others. The basis of the game is the career mode. By leading our responsibilities by example, we will gradually build our position and reputation, and our results will increase passengers' willingness to travel, which will allow us to earn more money and buy better buses. Also, a sandbox mode is available for players, where we will only focus on driving. The game also features a cooperative online multiplayer mode in which several players build a transport company together. The creators of Bus Simulator 21 used the Unreal Engine 4. The production offers a nice graphic design and looks much better than the previous part. Reliably replicated models of individual buses as well as eye-catching locations deserve attention here.

Bus Simulator 21 PC Free Download
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Bus Simulator 21 PC

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OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-3340 3.1GHz / AMD FX-8300
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 560 4GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB

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We can start the game in two ways - in story mode and free mode. Yes, you read that right - we have a Story Mode here! But don't expect a Hollywood budget and the Oscars in the end credits. I would describe this mode more as leading us by the hand in an interesting way. Bus Simulator 21 At the start, we get a few tips, and then, as we complete the next missions, we develop our company. The only element of the narrative as such are voice inserts, when one of the employees calls us and explains the details of the next mission. And you have to create a new line, stick the bus in advertisements, or of course travel a route. In free mode, in turn, we get a million to start and we are the blacksmiths of our own fate. In this mode, all buses and the maximum levels of districts and stops are unlocked from the beginning. Nobody will tell us what to do :).

Bus Simulator 21 There are two large maps at your disposal - one inspired by a city from the USA, the other one from Europe (this is the map from the previous version). The second one will be unlocked only after completing the tutorial on the first one. It is worth adding that the tutorial is only possible in story mode. We also have a choice as to the level of difficulty. Bus Simulator 21 It comes down to the advancement of the simulation - either we are hobbyists who want to do everything manually and as realistically as possible, or we are Sunday chauffeurs who do not bother with the intricacies of bus operation. Good mechanics that satisfy everyone. I wish there were more such games.

I wish it was a bait header, unfortunately it is not. Fortunately, everything is fine with my limbs, but when designing the steering wheel operation, someone exaggerated a bit with the FFB power. While driving is not a problem, starting the engine causes a very sharp jerk of the steering wheel. Bus Simulator 21 Fumbling with settings didn't help. Equally strong jerks create holes in the way. Apart from the fact that they are too strong, they are so hard to see on the road and they can surprise you. If I had to stick to something else, the sense of the vehicle's weight could be better. It seems as if regardless of speed and weight, the bus ran the same. It didn't bother me too much though, the driving model is good enough to enjoy the ride.

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