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Dear Esther Landmark Edition PC Free Download

Dear Esther Landmark Edition Remake Dear Esther - probing game of the year 2012 - developed based on unit technology. The player gets on a desert island and guided trek enigmatic hero learns the contents of letters addressed to Esther title. The game focuses on exploring a slow and gradual exploration of more parts of the puzzle RPG. Dear Esther Landmark Edition for PC Download Dear Esther: Landmark Edition on the PC platform with Windows players gets on a desert island, hides many secrets. What is interesting, do not know the identity of the course of its form - sometimes only hear a male voice reading letters written to the title Esther. Along with elements of the environment like enigmatic characters carved on the rocks, or paper boats on the shore, this is a puzzle role-playing game pieces, you need to assemble by hand and give their own interpretation.

Dear Esther Landmark Edition PC Download

In Love Esther: Action Characters Edition is presented from the first person perspective (FPP). Production is the progenitor of the so-called "walking simulators" (ANG-Walking SIM card.) - game mechanics therefore minimized, which in this case means that we give only cheerful sightseeing places and gradually get to know different story elements to learn. The game does not implement all of the ways to interact with the environment, such as environmental puzzles, battles, or arcade sections. Because of this, discussions have been going on for years as to whether it even exists as a video game, or rather some form of virtual experience. Unlike the original, which acted on the basis of the technology source, Esther Love: Characters Edition for Windows PC platform uses the Unity engine. Graphic design isn't particularly impressive, especially when you compare it to another study a few years younger work - everyone's gone on the rapture.

Dear Esther Landmark Edition PC Free Download
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Dear Esther Landmark Edition PC

Game Producer:
The Chinese Room
Game publisher:
The Chinese Room
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CPU: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz or higher
RAM: 1GB XP / 2GB Vista
GPU: DirectX 9 compliant video card with Shader model 3.0 support. NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 or better (Pre-Sandybridge Intel graphics chipsets not yet supported)

Additional information

Dear Esther is a typical product of too much artistry and too little thought. The game was originally created as a Source Engine mod, like many of the games that are showing up on the market right now. The problem was that the crew was more abstract artists than game developers. This ultimately resulted in a walking simulator that has a zero-level gameplay, because the whole thing is walking down a corridor from point A, which is the beginning of the game, to point B, which is the end. Someone might say that there are a lot of similar games, but I don't think that's entirely true. Gone Home comes to my mind the most, but it was full of curiosities, memories, thoughts of people who were once at home. Dear Esther is one of the most empty worlds I have visited. Interaction is exactly zero. So much so that after completing the game and starting the game in Developer Commentary mode, I just started to pay attention to some aspects of the game.

And this mode only gives some understanding of what we see. The Hebrides are islands off the coast of Great Britain where the action takes place. The creators recall how these islands influenced the shaping of the game in its four acts, what were the customs, what are the characteristics of the islands. For example, an interesting fact was the forging of white stripes in limestone, which signaled to ships that the island was sick, as we see in the game. This is dictated by the desire to be left alone once everyone has left the island, but the reason is completely unknown to us. The game is told as a reading of letters from several characters who basically write about themselves or characters who have been to the island before and how they influenced this person. And no one will tell me that this game does not end with a suicide, unless we play as a bird from the beginning.

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