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Diluvion PC Download Free

Diluvion Hybrid submarine simulator and arcade game enriched with strategic elements. For the development of this title corresponds to the independent studio Arachnidus Games. Action Diluvion was set in the distant future when a gigantic flood forced mankind to live under water. The game is based on an open exploration, underwater world, performing various tasks and fighting the enemies encountered. Diluvion for PC Download During the game, our equipment from various units that we use often - refers to the sonar, which allows you to navigate in unlit places, as well as ranged weapons in the form of division or even torpedoes. All this is complemented by a strategic crew management system. Interestingly, during the course of the adventure individual members gain experience that translates to the entire ship. For example, an experienced helmsman can provide more maneuverability, a talented shooter - better accuracy.

Diluvion PC Download

In terms of gameplay mechanisms Diluvion combines zręcznościowego simulator with strategy deals with crew management. Campaign structure allows for great freedom - you decide where to go and what tasks to take on. Current is also the main story, but only depends on us whether we participate in related adventures. During the game explores fully three-dimensional and open the underwater world. Many of its regions are plunged in darkness; Then the effective use of sonar navigation. However, make use of it very carefully, because the activation information about our position as monsters and other ships. Combat is mostly arcade and the device has a number of departments on different types of ammunition and torpedo launchers.

Diluvion PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Arachnid Games
Game publisher:
Arachnid Games
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CPU: Intel i5 (or equivalent)
GPU: GeForce GTX 300 (or equivalent)

Additional information

Diluvion The Arachnid Games team is relatively young, but very ambitious. Their first game, Ballpoint Universe, is a unique combination of simple mechanics with a fantastic and unique 2D visual setting. Now the developers have gone one step further. Their latest work tells about the terrible fate that befell our planet, which, just like in the Water World, was completely flooded with water. How did it come about?

As usual, the most powerful people in this world quarreled over power and money, which unfortunately angered the earthly gods. Those in anger and in order to save the Earth from total nuclear destruction, flooded the planet with one gigantic ocean that covered all lands. Diluvion However, there was one god left among them, who gave mankind one last chance.

All the survivors settled in special colonies and were given one simple task from him - to reach the end of the tunnel and discover the secret that would save the human race. Diluvion This is where we come in! As a beginner captain of one of the three ships available at the start, we set off on an adventure in which our goal is simply to have fun and survive - of course, we can save all humanity at the same time.

Diluvion The Arachnid Games team deserves applause above all for the design of the whole world - each piece of it is simply beautiful, atmospheric and very sensibly designed. You can see that this undersea land has its history, a lot has happened there over the years and the civilization that has developed in it also has its traditions and customs that must be followed. On our way to the final goal, we will meet peaceful factions of traders, mechanics or researchers, as well as hostile thugs, pirates and lone treasure hunters.

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