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Farm Manager 2018 PC Download Free

Farm Manager 2018 Download Economic strategy from the Polish studio Cleversan Software, which will allow you to prove yourself as a manager of a modern farm. The player's task is to plant more than twenty types of crops, take care of crop development and harvesting, an economic strategy that will be released on the PC platform in which we will manage the farm. The game was developed by Lodz Studio Cleversan Software and published by PlayWay. Arm Manager 2018 offers a campaign, fifteen stand-alone scenarios and a free mode where we don't have any pre-set goals. In addition, the authors have provided modifier tools that allow new content to be added to the game. The platform released on PC Farm Manager 2018 platform is not limited to farming. The authors also did not forget about the possibilities of animal husbandry not only for meat, but also, for example, for the production of milk, eggs and honey. When managing this area of ​​agriculture, we regularly need to use the services of veterinarians and inseminators.

Farm Manager 2018 PC Download

Farm Manager 2018 Download for PC At the beginning of the game we control the small farm and our task is to transform it into an agricultural giant. The game features more than twenty types of crops including grains, fruits and vegetables. Planting and harvesting can only be done by the employees themselves and with different machines. It is necessary to care for plants both before harvesting (e.g. by watering) and after, since different plants can only be stored for a certain period of time. Almost forty kinds of machines were handed over to us. Both new and cheaper models are available, but tend to fail. While we're having fun, we'll have the opportunity to build dozens of buildings such as sheds, garages and specialized processing plants, e.g. B. Production of butter and cheese with milk from our farm. The fun is diversified by the weather system, thanks to which, for example, floods, droughts or frosts affect our business. The seasons also change during the game.

Farm Manager 2018 PC Download Free
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Farm Manager 2018 PC

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CPU: Intel i5-2400, AMD FX-8320.
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions)
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB.
HDD: 6 GB.

Additional information

Farm Manager 2018, as the name suggests, allows us to lead the farming empire. Our task is to expand the farm. However, we will not sit behind the steering wheel of the combine, nor will we manually pick up weeds in the fields. We're the master of the estates here, and we've got people for that. We manage everything from a comfortable position in front of the computer. Each employee has separate abilities and this translates into the gameplay we manage. If, for example, we put an employee in the combine, one of the skills of which is to drive such vehicles, the robot will be handled faster. The important thing is that the worker can upgrade certain abilities, but don't expect a serious, extensive tree here. You load a maximum of 5 points into one ability, and we only have two abilities.

Farm Manager 2018 is significantly different from Pure Farming 2018 or Farming Simulator games. Here we do not have direct contact with the forks or the combine. Instead, we manage human resources by employing more employees and building houses for them. Some of them are assigned to a given task, such as taking care of cows in the stable or producing silage for the pigs. However, some of them have to be rented for seasonal work, such as harvesting grain, grass or apples.

Farm Manager 2018 allows us to have fun in three game modes. The first is a campaign that requires us to play the role of a beginner farmer who is to inherit the economy. In the second mode, we have to adapt to ready-made scenarios. In other words - we perform specific tasks that the game requires us to complete. The last one is, as you probably already guessed, the free mode. This is where we have the most options. We can choose how much money we will get to start and on what difficulty level we will start the game.

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