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Giant Machines 2017 PC Free Download

Giant Machines 2017 Download Simulator heavy machines, created by independent studio code Horizon. Giant Machines 2017 stands out in its category presence mode function, the ultimate goal is to send the shuttle to the International Space Station. The player can control machines such as a crane, excavator, dump truck or a giant excavator used in the mines and the platform for transporting the space shuttles. Each mission is conducted in six different environments including Greenland, Florida and Canada. The first few minutes of the title reminded me of some television programs dropped, among others, Discovery, presenting scenes of various aspects of heavy industry - including transporting large loads or working in strange places or with strange equipment. Giant Machines 2017 brings out the essence of them, allowing the player to communicate with machines not seen every day. Tasks are usually divided into several stages - some of them that we have an indefinite character who needs the invisible hands and feet sometimes used here, impersonating and there to climb to fix the point. When the device is ready to work, we sit behind the wheel of his rolled up his sleeves and get to work.

Giant Machines 2017 PC Download

Giant Machines 2017 Download For PC Objectives that we must achieve, for example, mining the transport of ore, cutting the giant metal structures or crushing mountain slopes. The whole armed advanced physical system is simulated, including damage to the machine. In addition to supporting individual booms and buckets, the player can move freely in the cabin of vehicles under FPP. Giant machines 2017 ranking also Time Attack mode. Using the Unity engine, the title presents detailed 3D graphics. Huge dump the size of a family house (called a dump), a self-propelled crane, a device for demolition of practically anything, wielgaśny bulldozers or snow bucket-wheel excavators "mining" the size of uranium mining - is just part of the equipment you have in find game. The machines are very complex and you can walk through them. Massive impressive power of individual components to make these behemoths, but they are typical arcade controls.

Giant Machines 2017 PC Free Download
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Giant Machines 2017 PC

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CPU: Core i3-2115C 2.0GHz/Phenom 8550 Triple-Core
GPU: GeForce GTX 560/Radeon R7 260X v2 MSI 1GB Edition
OS: Win 7 64

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Giant Machines 2017 It looks like the peak of the simulator boom is over. The times when shops and supermarkets were flooded with poor productions with the word "simulator" in the name were quite tedious - larger and smaller studies were undertaken, usually with an average effect, practically not avoiding any subject matter. The simulator of a slice of bread, goat, driving trains or forestry work had its own five minutes. By the way, it is quite a universal genre, both hardcore and casual players reach for it. Agricultural simulators turn out to be extremely popular in our country, and productions with trucks from the Czech SCS Software are highly respected on both continents. Our developers added a brick to the topic in the form of a nice Car Mechanic Simulator, and encouraged by the results PlayWay offered players another revealing simulator game - this time with huge machines in the lead role. Because that's what Giant Machines 2017 is about.

The first minutes with this title reminded me a bit of television programs broadcast, among others on Discovery, presenting behind the scenes of different aspects of heavy industry - including transporting huge loads or working in strange places or with the use of peculiar equipment. Giant Machines 2017 extracts the essence from them and allows the player to interact with machines that are not seen on a daily basis. The tasks are usually divided into several stages - some of them are performed by playing the role of an undefined hero who, using invisible arms and legs, sometimes has to climb here and there to fix a given element. When the equipment is ready to work, we sit at the controls and roll up our sleeves to work.

Giant Machines 2017 A huge single-family house-sized dump truck (called a dumper), a self-propelled crane, a device for demolition of virtually anything, a huge snow-blower bulldozer or a "mining"-sized "bucket excavator for uranium mining - these are just some of the equipment you'll find in the game. The machines are quite powerful and you can walk on them. The operation of the individual components that make up these behemoths is quite impressive, but controlling them is typically dexterity. Giant Machines 2017 The tasks are varied, because once we just repair the equipment and work with an excavator or transport uranium, other times we rush the overnight delivery before the coming storm and quickly repair its effects in the form of a collapsed drive, but most of them are only for a long while. Such snow removal is actually a few small squares to be cleared, which can certainly disappoint those who expect advanced depth from the simulator. Here it is sometimes difficult to find her, so personally, after several dozen minutes, I rather lost interest in what is happening on the screen. Back then, only the more interesting tasks, such as transporting a space shuttle, enlivened my closing eyes.

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