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Grow Home Download On paper, Grow Home is a fairy tale. Figuratively and literally. Just see what this game looks like. A somewhat angular world evokes associations with Minecraft, but is more of a cartoon. Nice animation that might as well be played on TV. I'm not exaggerating. In addition, there is an enchanting music and a lovable main character. B.U.D., because this is a short-named character you control, goes to an alien planet. Planet, which, by the way, is a large plant. Our goal is simple - to get to the top. This is achieved more and less obviously: ... climbing or through vines. These are "stalked" in several places, after which the ascent takes place. When we reach the next climber, we can control it and choose a direction. The higher the better. When we get to a certain place, the planet grows, making it easier to take us to higher levels. The journey to the top is very pleasant thanks to the world view. It's colorful and a little weird. But above all: beautiful. The creators have created a truly original beautiful place. We climb the big plant and try to spread out near the islands to enjoy the eye fauna and flora. We look deeper into the caves, take a walk under the waterfall. Drive away sheep, we will hunt creatures like pelicans. Above us leaves fill and giant muchomry. As for the view, Grow Home really captivates the more the world watches day and night.

Grow Home PC Download

Control theory is the next chapter in a fairy tale. I mean what is that difficult? Apparently nothing. In the "WASD" walk, we use a mouse to move the camera and to climb. This is very simple: the left mouse button is responsible for Robicika left hand, right - right rear. Climbing is therefore almost as tedious, but natural as in reality. Once left, once right, once left, once right. The problem is that B.U.D. This robot in name only, because of the hero's movements, it more closely resembles an alcohol-addicted monkey. The little robot slips, accelerates quickly, so it's like fighting off the ice-covered surface with a sports car on summer tires. In addition, the ascent is not convenient and intuitive. It's hard to put into words, but Grow Home is particularly irritating in this regard. Tires. Frustrated. Every now and then I've accidentally fallen or not gone in the direction of what you need. Annoy or control vines - real, without logical chaos.

Grow Home PC Download
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Grow Home PC

Game Producer:
Ubisoft Reflections
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CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.5 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.8 GHz
OS: Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8/8.1 (both 32 and 64bit versions)
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD5670 (1024MB VRAM)

Additional information

Grow Home is an interesting experiment. A charming, nice and colorful production for two evenings. The title of Ubisoft Reflections studio resembles a typical independent game - made with an idea, but a bit underdeveloped. The main character is the Biomechanical Utility Droid, i.e. BUD. Our friendly protégé jumps out of the spaceship to explore an interesting ecosystem, full of flying islands and mysterious species of animals.

Grow Home We start on the surface of the pastel world, and the main task is to break through to the higher levels. For this purpose, we must ensure the growth of the "starter plant" that serves as a gigantic ladder. By climbing the stem, we gain access to new locations. For the plant to grow, we need to get to one of the protruding shoots and activate it. The twig should then be properly directed to reach the smaller levitating islands in the area. When we create the right number of connections between the stem and the environment in this way, the plant climbs higher, opening the way to the next level.

Grow Home The mechanics are extremely simple, though not entirely intuitive. The climbing system takes some getting used to. The constant use of opposite buttons is a bit like shooting with two revolvers, and longer climbs require you to keep the left analog stick in the right position at all times. The gameplay is enjoyable, but can be tiring on the fingers in the long run. The controls have not been prepared to hinder the fun - as in productions such as Octodad, QWOP or Surgeon Simulator. Controlling a champion is quite a challenge, but a fair challenge.

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