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Hello Neighbor Developed by Dynamix Pixels Studio, an unusual skilanka facing FPP. In the game Hello Neihbor we play a resident of a small cottage in the suburbs, which begins to suspect that the neighboring man is hiding a monstrous secret. To confirm his assumptions, he decides to sneak into his estate, which won't be easy because its owner is a very attentive person who won't go to nothing to defend his privacy. The purpose of the fun is to sneak into the neighbor's house unnoticed, where baiting and other ways to distract from our actions can help. The main element of the mechanics is the advanced artificial intelligence that allows the neighbor to memorize the player's movements and anticipate his movements in the future. The most chosen paths are quickly trampled by numerous traps and alarms, and the game's ingenuity requires ingenuity and flexibility. The main element of the game mechanics is advanced artificial intelligence, which allows the neighbor to memorize the player's movements and predict what he will do in the future. Avoiding the recognition necessary to achieve the goal of the game becomes more complicated the more often the player seeks a similar path and wants to walk next to his neighbors. The paths that are chosen most often quickly become overgrown with traps (that prevent them from escaping), obstacles (like windows that kill the windows), and alarms (like the cameras are located here).

Hello Neighbor PC Download

Hello Neighbor Download for PC In Hello Neighbor we play the ordinary villager in a small suburban house who begins to suspect that a neighbor who lives in the neighborhood is hiding a monstrous secret. To confirm these assumptions, decides to sneak into the neighbor's basement. It will not be an easy task because it is observant and if provoked it will not go too far in neutralizing the threat to your privacy. The player can use decoys to divert the attention of a neighbor and affect the environment in such a way as to make it difficult to detect the presence of the antagonist to the heroes in his house. Happens to him here a lot of physical objects that can interact (for example, removing the light bulb from the lamp, thereby preventing the ignition of the light), loud noises from the TV or radio output, and the ability to lure neighbors pledged stop by himself. Hello Neighbor Asket provides access to equipment, in which the player can temporarily store objects important to the progression (like a key to the door). If you don't lose valuable prizes, you must escape the tools to your home. Otherwise, all items will irretrievably disappear in addition to restarting the level.

Hello Neighbor PC Download Free
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Hello Neighbor PC

Game Producer:
Eerie Guest / Dynamic Pixels
Game publisher:
tinyBuild Games
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CPU: i5 and up
OS: Windows 7 and up
GPU: GTX 770 and up

Additional information

Hello Neighbor The main character of the production is a young boy. When we start playing with the title, we can see him chasing the ball in the middle of the road that he missed while playing. However, he accidentally hears disturbing noises from one of the houses. Of course, curiosity wins over common sense, and it tries to peek out the window to see what's going on there.

The production of Hello Neighbor has been divided into three acts, each of which has a slightly different main goal. For example, the first one requires you to invade the neighbor's basement, while the second one requires you to escape from his mansion. So we start by looking for the key that opens the red padlock. Of course, we have to avoid the man wandering around the building and the yard all the time. Even before the premiere, the creators announced the extremely extensive artificial intelligence of this man, constantly learning our behavior, which was to affect the increasing level of difficulty.

Hello Neighbor Unfortunately, this title fails in virtually every respect. Let's start with the basics - character controls. It is incredibly inconvenient and inaccurate. It can effectively hinder precise movement or performing certain jumps. Of course, we can also forget about any method of quieter walking, or the option of leaning around the corner to see the position of the neighbor.

Hello Neighbor Physics in the game world is full of bugs. More than once, an object thrown against the glass will simply fly through it instead of breaking it. Throw a key can throw our opponent to the other side of the street, and levitating objects are not unusual in Hello Neighbor. The loudly announced neighbor's artificial intelligence is not much better. Our incredibly clever opponent very often gets stuck on various small obstacles. Sometimes he can lock himself in one room, sometimes even making it impossible to complete an act.

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