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Hollow Knight Belonging to the species metroidvanii two-dimensional action game by independent studio Team Cherry. Action Hollow Knight takes us into a fantasy world: the underworld that extend beneath the city of Dirtmouth. Although this place attracts new adventurers, after exceeding its limits heroes are lost without a trace. During the game takes the form of a hero who decides before the challenge and found in the basement of wealth, fame and the answers to his questions. The Hollow Knight action is shown in side view. The game is based on exploring huge, interconnected locations, collecting more and more powerful assets, developing skills and fighting with experienced opponents. Due to the nature of the represented species presented here by title, requires access to many websites, puzzles or use of a specific item or ability to solve. Although most of the time traversing dungeons on foot, during the game, it happens to us that we also walk into an unusual animal in the form of an overgrown insect.

Hollow Knight PC Download

Hollow Knight Download for PCThe action is presented in side perspective, and the gameplay focuses on exploring the vast terrain, developing skills, acquiring more powerful equipment and, of course, fighting the enemies met on the way. While exploring the underworld also encounter many traps and dangers, but also friendly to characters who are happy to support us with their knowledge or useful items. On the way are numerous and diverse opponents. In addition to the standard enemies, over thirty bosses are waiting to be beaten - facing them requires knowledge of behavior patterns and the discovery of weak points. The clashes we use both melee weapons and the power of magic. But this does not stop the dangers lurking for the player - in the basement, because all kinds of traps swarm and the crevice through which an unwary adventurer can quickly say goodbye to life. Fortunately, not all are opponents of the protagonist - in the course of the adventure we meet colorful characters, they are eager to share their knowledge or possessed objects, and teach us new combat techniques and improve our equipment.

Hollow Knight PC Download Free
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Hollow Knight PC

Game Producer:
Team Cherry
Game publisher:
Team Cherry
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CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E5200
OS: Windows 7
GPU: GeForce 9800GTX (1GB)

Additional information

Hollow Knight Last summer I was too busy to get a decent chance for twenty minutes of playing "Hollow Knight", so I put the game on hold. Encouraged by a trusted person, after the New Year I felt an irresistible urge to try again. This time it enchanted me in the blink of an eye and soon I was completely absorbed. Hollow Knight From the very beginning, I had the feeling of communing with a very thoughtful and refined vision, which quickly turned into delight. And shortly after, I was struck by the fact that here I am dealing with a masterpiece.

Over 50 hours spread over five weeks allows me to judge with a clear conscience that Hollow Knight is one of the best games ever. A spiritual heir of various sensibilities, ruthlessly teaching humility, rewarding perseverance and mature approach. Often frustrating, always fair. A synthesis of artistic mastery and brilliant design. A deep, romantic and inexhaustible source. A unique, perfectly balanced absolute experience, all the more so because it depends on the player: the studio built the foundations and gave us minimalist tools, and it is up to us to use them, emphasizing the importance of freedom of choice. Ready to chart your own trail?

Hollow Knight is a 2D platformer under the sign of metroidvania, and at the same time a true representative of the soulslike genre inspired by the achievements of From Software. Mechanically, it never stands still: it intensifies, develops thanks to successive nuances, discovers newer and newer cards, which consist of a multitude of inspiring ideas, impressions and flavors, as if the creators met expectations with a unique gift for foreseeing, perfectly aware of how to control the recipient's impressions without wasting anybody's time.

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