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House Flipper Download Let's start the House Flipper adventure from simple tasks. What we laughed at in RPG games, the "Bring, Carry, Sweep" tasks have become a reality here because we really clean and do minor repairs. Over time, the mop (which, along with the stains on the ceiling, cleans everything in its entirety) is replaced by a paint roller and a heavy hammer, which demolishes the nearest wall with a thud. The range of tasks keeps expanding and we quickly get tasks from renovations from A to Z - we take care of demolition of walls, put new ones, paint and finally also interior decorations. Initially mostly for customers, but from the beginning we have our own little castle with a kitchen and a garbage heap. Investing our own funds and time, we edit them to our liking, becoming a real estate magnate step by step. However, before this event, House Flipper will probably be bored. At least I did. Compared to car mechanic simulator, the game mechanics are similar but completely simplified. For small repairs in the engine, we had to diagnose the defect, replace the damaged part, and on the way how we stripped the car and sometimes half. For example, when fixing the contact on House Flipper, just click PPM on the marked pieces and hold them while the animation is running. It's similar, but it's not the same. demolition of walls? One click and everything. putting? Equal. Painting? Even if the button has to be held a little longer. Cleaning? Even without a surprise. The same mop can be used on tiles, floors, ceilings or dirt on the carpet. Do you understand what I mean? Regardless of what you're doing, the fun factor is simply clicking and releasing the mouse button.

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House Flipper Download for PC In the game you play as a buyer who needs an apartment renovation. The problem with this type of real estate is that you never really know what's inside, what problems and surprises we're going to have. However, if you don't risk, you don't win.
After purchase, we need to restore the house to its usable condition. This concerns, for example, the demolition of unnecessary walls, the elimination of vermin and the repair of electrical installations. Various tools are useful for this purpose, for example, a hammer. Having fun at House Flipper isn't just a renovation. The player's tasks also include interior design, which is associated with the purchase of appropriate furniture and accessories and their placement in selected places. Contrary to appearances, House Flipper is not a simulator, just a simplified replacement. And that's fairly budgeted, don't expect fireworks in either the visual or technical environment. The game looks average and it's actually the best compliment I can give in terms of graphic design. I won't say anything about the sound, as the first 20 seconds of the music from the menu confirmed my belief that if I couldn't put my ears next to a fork and listen to myself, a total disconnect from music will be necessary. Don't count on any particular vibe or vibe, as the I've Been Out of the Boilerhouse-style chores is probably the funniest thing I've got here, although my personal gems are the lyrics that appear at the summons. In this way it takes a long time to start the game suspiciously, but for technical errors you should also contain a blocky interface and errors, mainly in terms of calculating the percentage of the task performed. I painted the whole room but the game only did 90 percent of it. There were similar problems with other tasks.

House Flipper PC Download Free
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House Flipper PC

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CPU: Intel Core i3 3,20GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 3,2 GHz.
GPU: GeForce GTX 560 / AMD R7-260X.

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House Flipper allows us, apart from carrying out orders, to "flip" houses. This is the process of buying something cheap, refurbishing it, and reselling it more expensive. This means that the worse the condition of the house we buy, the more money will be waiting for us. Of course, you can cut into the "Pink Kingdom", which requires only a few treatments and in 8 minutes will give us a pathetic several thousand profit. However, we have the option to buy a house that has burned down, has been flooded, or just a house that the previous owner did not care for and left us a lot of gifts on the floor.

House Flipper Our task will be to look at who is eating to buy this house and meet the requirements of the buyer. Someone will want a sauna at home, someone will want their own office and a TV in the bedroom, and someone will require complete minimalism. The more requirements we meet, the higher the price we will get for a given apartment. Our primary goal is to sell 20 houses in the game and if it goes well, make a million. My girlfriend, despite spending over 9 hours, with small breaks, is not even halfway in front of the console, but that may be because she's just having fun in the game.

House Flipper Most of all simulators are just lame games. Many of them look ugly and are limited in the basic functions of a given profession. Buying and selling houses is actually easier than repairing cars or building houses. This leaves us with few tools at our disposal, but we have everything we need. We wave a mop, a paint roller, a spatula, a vacuum cleaner and a hammer. We paint, vacuum cockroaches, install radiators and bathtubs, and furnish kitchens and rooms. We meet the requirements of potential buyers and negotiate an increase in the sales amount. And all this can be done with a series, podcast or movie running in the background, because the game does not require focus and quick reactions from us.

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