House Flipper PC Download Free InstallShield

House Flipper PC Download Free InstallShield

House Flipper for PC Download We start the adventure with House Flipper from straight-out tasks. What we laughed at in RPG games, so the tasks “bring, carry, sweep”, here has become a reality, because we really do cleaning and minor repairs. Over time, the mop (which cleans everything in its entirety along with the stains on the ceiling) is replaced with a paint roller, and then a heavy hammer that demolishes the next wall with a dull slap. The scope of tasks is becoming wider and quite quickly we get tasks consisting in carrying out renovations from A to Z – we deal with the demolition of walls, putting new ones, painting, and finally also interior decoration. Initially, mainly for customers, but from the very beginning we have our own little palace with one kitchen-room and a pile of rubbish. By investing our own funds and time, we process it according to our wishes and step by step we become a real estate magnate.


Download House Flipper for PC free InstallShield

House Flipper DownloadIn the game, you play as a buyer investor requiring renovation of the apartment. The problem with this type of real estate is that you never really know what is inside, what problems and surprises we will have to face. However, whoever does not risk, he does not win.
After the purchase, we need to restore the house to its usable state. This is related to, for example, demolition of unnecessary walls, disposal of pests and repair of electrical installations. For this purpose, various tools are useful, such as a hammer. Fun at House Flipper is not just about refurbishing. The player’s tasks also include the interior design, which is associated with the purchase of appropriate furniture and accessories and their placement in selected locations.

Probably, however, before this happens, House Flipper will get bored. At least I did. Compared to the Car Mechanic Simulator, the mechanics of the game are similar, but completely simplified. Performing small repairs in the engine involved diagnosing the defect, replacing the damaged part, and on the way we stripped the car and sometimes half. Repairing, for example, contact at House Flipper is just clicking PPM on the highlighted parts and keeping it as long as the animation is running. It’s similar, but it’s not the same. Demolition of walls? One click and everything. Putting? Same. Painting? Also, although the button needs to be held a little longer. Cleaning? Also without a surprise. The same mop is suitable for tiles, floors, ceilings or dirt on the carpet. Do you understand what I mean? Regardless of what you do, the fun comes down to simply pressing the mouse button and letting it go.

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Contrary to appearances, House Flipper is not a simulator of anything, but merely a simplified substitute. And this is quite budgety, do not expect fireworks in visual or technical setting. The game looks average and it’s actually the best compliment I can afford with regard to its graphic design. I will not say anything about the sound, because the first 20 seconds of the music from the menu confirmed my belief that a complete disconnection of music will be necessary if I do not forge my ears lying next to a fork, and listen to me may be useful. Do not count on any special mood or mood, because the tasks in the style of “I was out of the radiator hut” is probably the funniest thing I have here, although my personal pearls are the texts displayed at the load. This way, it takes a long time suspiciously when launching the game, but for technical flaws you should also include a blocky UI and bugs, mainly in the progress in calculating the percentage of the task performed. I used to paint the whole room, but the game felt that I only did 90 percent of it. Similar problems were also encountered in other tasks.


CPU: Intel Core i3 3,20GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 3,2 GHz.
GPU: GeForce GTX 560 / AMD R7-260X.

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