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In It Takes Two, Rose's parents, Cody and May, are planning a divorce. The girl experiences it very much and to relieve her grief, she creates two dolls - one made of clay, the other made of wood - to represent her mother and father. Under mysterious circumstances, the parents' minds are transferred to the bodies of Rose's dolls. The miniaturized heroes wake up in their own home, which shows them a previously unknown, fairy-tale face.

A quarreling married couple begins to search for a way to return to their proper bodies in It Takes Two. Dr. Hakim, an eccentric magical book specializing in saving relationships, is trying to help them. But Cody and May refuse to accept that they won't be human again until they get along. Despite this, they set off together on a journey through the known-unknown world, where only together they are able to overcome numerous adversities.

The central element of It Takes Two is cooperation, requiring two players to deal with both arcade and logical challenges. The players, playing the roles of Cody and May, travel together through picturesque and often surreal locations, helping each other overcome obstacles.

It Takes Two PC Download

It Takes Two contains very diverse challenges: co-players must, among other things, avoid traps, annihilate opponents (including bosses) or solve puzzles. They can also compete in optional mini-games that act as "collectibles". Diversity also characterizes the visited locations. Cody and May find themselves in a garden, for example, where they travel among lush vegetation on the backs of hairy spiders or jumping frogs. Other times, they land inside a snow globe, where they skate across the ice, jumping over chasms, and solve puzzles using magnets.

They also visit It Takes Two, e.g. toy space and a shed infested with rogue tools. At each stage, characters use different gadgets or abilities to help them deal with puzzles and opponents. The three-dimensional world of It Takes Two has been maintained in pleasant, vivid colors. Character creations, as well as the locations presented in the game, are shown in a simplified style, reminiscent of movies or animated series.

These are the only passages where you can lose a lot of progress if both players lose all their health points. It's very nice that these fights are varied both visually and in terms of mechanics. The creators of It Takes Two do not use hackneyed motifs more than once, and each clash, whether with a dropped vacuum cleaner or the wasp queen, is unique and memorable.

We also gain new special abilities every chapter - in the levels that end with a clash with the toolbox, Cody hammers the nails and May uses the hammer to swing on them, while later in the game we get the ability to manipulate time and ... you'll see for yourself. Certainly, you can't complain about boredom or the repetition of scenography and puzzles.

It Takes Two PC Download Free
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CPU: AMD FX 6100 / Intel Core i3-2100T.
GPU: AMD R7 260X / Nvidia GTX 660.

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Usually, in stories about broken families, it is the father who is accused of spending too much time at work, and the wife waiting for him with a cooling lunch at home. In the case of Cody and May, it's a bit different, and here it's the husband who blames his wife for pursuing her career and not having time for the family. The woman is not in debt and reminds that it is thanks to her that they pay their bills on time.

The plot is simple and predictable at the same time, but It Takes Two is not as twisted as A Way Out. We are dealing here with an experience in which we should focus on each moment separately. Hazelight is clearly hoping that we will look deep into our relationship through the lens of the characters and learn something from Dr. Hakim's therapy.

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