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Liberated Free is an action platformer with a focus on stealth aspects that offers a rich storyline in the form of a comic. The title was developed by an independent Warsaw team, Atomic Wolf. Liberated takes us into a dystopian reality where the government, under the guise of wanting to ensure security, subjects citizens to mass surveillance. A virtual profile of each person is created based on data from social networking sites, ubiquitous cameras or even bank transfers. Police and government even resort to human rights abuses to restore order. War is being declared on this regime by a group of daredevils - the eponymous Liberated - who also have their consciences; just as those who oppose them use violence to achieve their ends. Liberated Download for PC During the game we can follow the fate of four characters standing on either side of the barricade. each of them has a separate chapter of history. The story is told in cutscenes that show the next few pages of the virtual comic, and how it ends depends on our choices. As we travel through the levels we often have to avoid direct confrontations with opponents; to that end, one should watch their patrol routes and sneak behind their backs. On the other hand, the game has many moments where we have to take up arms and fight. The fun is varied by spectacular scenes presented in the form of so-called quick time events, a casual and simple system of dialogues and hacking mini-games. Liberated has 2.5D noir graphics; the latter is created not only by monochrome colors, but also by an atmospheric soundtrack.

Liberated PC Download

All these dystopian visions trying to warn us are doomed to fail. As long as Dystopia is an artistic creation, we will not take its message very seriously. It's a bit similar with Liberated - as if all the oppressors the game talks about are in use today, I still don't want to unplug the power cord and go on a pitchfork diet. Whereby the problem - after reflection - perhaps does not lie with the convention, but with who reads it. Liberated presents us with the conflict between the two groups, the anarchists and the government, but also allows the rest of the public voice. However, freedom fighters make a big mistake: they choose someone who doesn't want to be a witness as a witness. The critical attitude and political maturity of viewers, grays, and statisticians is reduced to a simple dichotomy of the like system on a social networking site. The loss of civic identity more or less began when the morning press was replaced with mindlessly scrolling through the timeline on Facebook. As a society, we are already aspiring to the role of the matrix battery. Liberated seems to be saying: This damp fuse and this sodden dust cannot be lit, and our future is sealed.

Liberated PC Free Download
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Atomic Wolf
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CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core i3 (3.0 GHz or higher)
RAM: 6 GB.
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit.
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon R7 370 or equivalent with 2 GB of VRAM.
HDD: 6 GB.

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Liberated We will take a walk along the fine line between freedom and enslavement in the form of a playable comic, the convention of which was adopted by our compatriots. The adopted artistic style allowed the creators to stuff a large amount of content in a relatively cheap and simple way, thanks to which "Liberated" offers us fun for about 4-5 hours, which for a low budget project with such ambitions is a very decent result. The plot of Liberated focuses on the social problem which has become the almost totalitarian control of society by state organs, and thus, the government knows about absolutely every action we perform in our lives and then analyzes it.

Liberated Those who are in hiding, have no friends, do not post photos on social media, or simply want some privacy, are immediately taken to the radar as potentially broken individuals across the nation - the services are then required to x-ray such a person and assess their risk for society. Why, however, such a system was created? A few years earlier, there was a mysterious terrorist attack on the Saint Martha school, where many innocent children and teachers were killed in an explosion.

Liberated This incident prompted the Minister of Security to take radical steps and introduce an extremely accurate system of collecting information about citizens - in an interview with those responsible for this task, he even stated that if it was important for national security whether the coyote crashed in the desert, he would say know. All this so that there would be no second "St. Martha". Fortunately, the game does not impose the only correct narrative on us, so while playing we will stand on both sides of the barricade - supporters and opponents of "surveillance".

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