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Life is Strange Before the Storm PC Download Free

Life is Strange Before the Storm is an unusually warm life adopted prequel Strange - episodic adventure game developed by a team from DONTNOD Entertainment. Before the storm, Square Enix's efforts arose, among others, on the PC platform, the PS4 and the XONE, but its creation took a completely different studio Deck Nine Games - responsible for the original developers at the time working on its full-fledged sequel. Life is Strange Before the Storm for PC Download Life is Strange: Before the Storm action takes place before the events of the first game in the series. The game's main character is known from the original Chloe Prize. The plot focuses on the circumstances in which the protagonist met Rachel Amber and the relationships between the two teenagers. Due to the fact that the girl we are impersonated in has no supernatural abilities, the choices we make here have a more permanent character than in the first life, it's strange - after all, the choices cannot be undone.

Life is Strange Before the Storm PC Download

The events in the PC, PS4 and XONE Life is Strange: released before the storm from the third-person perspective (TPP). The game is once again mainly based on the progressive discovery of puzzle pieces and the selection of different options. The choices we make have a significant impact on the course of the story and how the adventure will end. It is these aspects that subordinate the rest of the elements of the gameplay pattern, including exploration, talking to neutral characters, and solving puzzles. Although Chloe cannot turn back time unlike Max, he does have his own special ability - he can talk to the other person and persuade them to behave with it. This was implemented in the form of a dialogue mini-game: we must listen to the debater's statement and quickly choose the appropriate answer to his arguments. The game was divided into three episodes; another fourth episode titled "Farewell" became available only to people who bought a special version of the game - Deluxe Edition. Its action takes place long before the events of the prequel, and players can step into the skin of Max Caulfield - the main character of the first game in the series - for the last time.

Life is Strange Before the Storm PC Download Free
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Life is Strange Before the Storm PC

Game Producer:
DONTNOD Entertainment
Game publisher:
Square Enix
Story, DLC
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CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 (3.7GHz) or AMD Athlon X4 845 (3.5GHz)
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 460 or NVIDIA Geforce 1050
HDD: 14 GB

Additional information

Life is Strange Before the Storm Prequel, which this time consists of only three episodes, begins at what is probably the worst moment in Chloe's life - her father is dead, Max has left and does not even have time to reply to a text message, and her mother starts dating with David - a former soldier, currently looking for a job. The prologue of the first episode, entitled Awake, perfectly introduces us to the atmosphere: a dark night, a hooded figure standing on the tracks and a train coming towards it. With a smile on his face, at the last moment the figure steps out of the way of the approaching locomotive, takes off his hood and of course it's Chloe. From that moment on, we can guide her steps, going (against her mother's will) to a concert of the rock band Firewalk, taking place in a rather shady place.

Life is Strange Before the Storm Chloe, however, is not yet the same girl we met in Life is Strange. The sixteen-year-old heroine is at the beginning of the road to the fearless blue-haired punk and is just beginning to rebel. Her hair is still its natural color and she feels lonely and abandoned. Every day she writes unsent letters to Max, describing her life in them (by the way, Max turns out to be an extremely hopeless friend), she has more and more problems at school, where almost no one likes her (or knows how to talk to "that girl who she lost her father ”), and at home, where the mother's new boyfriend starts to appear more and more often, it is no better. Chloe compensates for it all by skipping school, sneaking out at night and going to concerts. Everything changes when, during the prologue concert, the heroine, accosted by local snarls, is unexpectedly rescued by a beautiful and extremely popular girl from her school - Rachel Amber.

Life is Strange Before the Storm is actually the genesis of Chloe and Rachel's friendship, which over time turns into something more than an ordinary friendship. However, the creators do not take the easy way and the plot of the game has nothing to do with Mr. Jefferson and the tragic end that awaits Rachel. The plot revolves around a completely different topic, although it contains a criminal thread, but it does not dominate the scenario. This is because he primarily focuses on the nascent relationship between two seemingly completely different girls. The next episodes tighten the ties between them more and more, and during this time we can get to know Rachel well, who in the previous part was just a face on missing person flyers. We'll even get to like her a lot and understand why she made such an impression on Chloe, for whom she was such an important person. The more saddening the fact that we know what the end awaits Rachel Amber.

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