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Little Nightmares PC Download Free

Little Nightmares Platformer by Tarsier Studios team. The player takes on the role dressed in a yellow raincoat cloak called Six, who were kidnapped by monsters and closed the complex Mouth (The Maw). The task that stands before her is to escape from this terrifying place, which from childhood hampered lurking around every corner, inspired nightmares of danger. The Little Nightmares action is presented in side perspective, and a pillar of the game is finding climatic location, skipping the platforms and solving environmental puzzles. Due to the fact that the protagonist is equipped with only easier to avoid direct confrontation with nightmarish enemies and try to sneak out unnoticed. The title offers high-quality, three-dimensional artwork, as well as distinguishable from other games platform dark style and muted color palette. Little Nightmares Download for PC Little Nightmares is an original platform game developed by an independent team Tarsier Studios. The production was announced in 2015, initially under the title Hunger. The project, funded, among others, by the program of the Nordic Game program, won the title of "Best independent game" at gamescom 2016. The game went on many platforms, including Windows PC.

Little Nightmares PC Download

The Little Nightmares player takes on the role of Six - a girl in a yellow coat przeciwdeszczowym, which mysteriously went to the complex Maul called (The Maw). The task that awaits her is to escape from this strange place - to achieve it is not easy, because the way the heroine has to face various dangers, inspired by childhood nightmares. Little Nightmares for the Windows PC platform bring the likes of iconic productions Limbo to mind. In contrast to him, the game technology used 2.5 D discussed - although the action presented in the perspective pages locations has depth and six freely move between the near and far plan. The gameplay is based on platform jumping and solving environmental puzzles that require skill and logical thinking - this way unlocking the path to the next room, moving to the exit of the Maw.

Little Nightmares PC Download Free
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Little Nightmares PC

Game Producer:
Tarsier Studios
Game publisher:
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Story, Scary
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CPU: Intel CPU Core i3
OS: Windows 7, 64-bit
GPU: Nvidia GTX 480
HDD: 10 GB

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Little Nightmares Our avatar is a little girl in a yellow storm jacket who wakes up inside a strange underwater installation. We don't know the name of the child, how old he is, or why he ended up in a room that looks like a prison. The only thing we know for sure is that you have to get out of there as soon as possible. On the way to the exit, we travel through five different levels, as if taken out of a childhood nightmare. The style is extremely dark, and the heroine is hunted by, among others slimy leeches, a monster living in a sea of ​​girls' shoes, a terrifying old man, aggressive cooks or deformed, obese people. Almost everything that a girl encounters tries to strangle or eat her.

The dense, twisted atmosphere is Little Nightmares's strongest point, especially as the "safety valve" practically does not appear until the final scene. It is a pity that despite my best efforts, I could not clearly establish what the author of the script meant. The allegorical story can be read on at least two levels, but both the hunger theme and the eponymous costumes have more than one meaning here. "Attention, we are making an artistic game!" - you can read between the lines of code, but in this particular case we deal with an excess of form over content. Well, gems like Inside are considered such because they don't come across every year.

Little Nightmares I mentioned two titles by Playdead ApS not without reason, because after several minutes of communing with the Swedish pin it becomes clear that Little Nightmares is another "artistic platformer" created on the wave of the success of the famous Limbo. Here you can move not only in two dimensions, but also deep into the screen, but this does not have a major impact on the nature of the game, which consists in solving very simple puzzles and avoiding the threat. The puzzles usually come down to moving the right object under a specific object or finding a key.

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