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Obduction Realizes conventional FPP adventure game with elements of logic, for the creation of which corresponds to Studio Cyan, known primarily for the cult series Myst. Created as a spiritual legacy, Autopsy tells the story of a hero who finds a strange organic artifact thrown out of the sky and is abducted by it to an unknown world. During the game we have to figure out where we're really hitting and then try to find a way back home. Obduction Download for PC Just like in this Myst series, a key element of fun is the gradual discovery of the world and the laws that govern it and using this knowledge to overcome the obstacles. During the game, we'll focus exclusively on exploring and solving the subsequent puzzles of varying difficulty. The game does not contain cut scenes for each player at the same time, and most of the story we learn through exploration and analysis of the discovered environment and reading logs.

Obduction PC Download

It is played from a first person perspective. We don't know, or who we are, or what to call it. Oh, the guy who happened to - see the sky's bright orb - will be teleported to him to an unknown location, which is in fact a segment of the state of Arizona, at the center of which sits a sun-scorched old mining town. The problem is that this area falls under the strange energy dome that limits cannot be crossed. At least at the beginning, because up to the exploration area you have the opportunity to meet fragments of other worlds in a completely different way, also in terms of landscape. The only option that allows you to give your character a personality is the ability to choose what type of shadow to cast - male or female. As soon as we find the town to be almost extinct, but thanks to a bizarre device displaying some kind of holographic image we are greeted by former residents. And at the very beginning of the game you get a gigantic bonus from me for using these recordings real actors. No artificial looking models to imitate humans.

Obduction PC Free Download
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Game Producer:
Cyan Inc.
Game publisher:
Cyan Inc.
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CPU: CPU Intel i5-2500 equivalent or better
OS: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit or newer
GPU: GeForce 660 GTX w/1GB / AMD 7700 series w/1GB equivalent or better
HDD: 20 GB

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Obduction won't have the same effect on video games, but it's an exemplary successor to the franchise. We are talking not only about great puzzles and fascinating exploration, but also about weaker elements that we have already erased from memory. Now it's 2016. "Walking simulators" have never been more popular, but Cyan Worlds is not intended for fans of this kind of fun. Although the world of Obduction is empty and depopulated, it is far from the mechanical structure of The Witness, let alone full of dialogue and plot intricacies in Firewatch. None of this - here we are just kidnapped by strangers.

Obduction We come to a strange place where aliens have prepared a small community, with a town called Hunrath in the center. Now the place is abandoned and ruined, but also open to exploration and full of abandoned devices - well-known ones, such as generators and crossovers, but also strange, inhuman. The anonymous hero is thrown into an empty, deserted sandbox. We move the lever, break the codes, run the ancient machinery, slowly discovering the secret of the next places. The creators managed to build a fantastic world without the use of many dialogues or cutscenes, but with the help of solving puzzles, visited locations and views.

Obduction Hunrath is just the tip of the iceberg and it turns out that aliens have kidnapped many other people in the past, not only from different places but from different times. "Everything is connected," says one freelance character and escapist. We don't know it at the time, but as we progress, we'll realize just how true these words are - while praising the work of the designers who created the overlapping and consistent dimensions. Obduction is not an easy game. The upside is that the puzzles are neatly chained so that we never have to worry about too many things at once, and there is always a clear goal in front of the player. The usual puzzles with pumping fuel to the generator and turning the gate very quickly give way to the need to think between several worlds, and there is an unusual mathematical system with The Witness-style boards - to figure out on your own, of course.

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