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Overcooked 2 PC Free Download

Overcooked 2 Sequel to a culinary skill game with a focus on cooperation. In Overcooked 2 we again play the role of chefs who quickly prepare varied dishes in demanding conditions, alone or in a group, in competition or in cooperation with other players. The second part of the Overcooked series takes us back to the Onion Kingdom, which we previously saved from impending doom. Now we must face a new threat in the form of an army of undead bread called Unbread, which has appeared due to the Onion King's unwise reading of the mystical book of Necronomnomicon. The only saving grace is to put the cooking apron back on and prepare to face the bread horde through a series of cooking challenges. Overcooked 2 Download for PC Overcooked 2 doesn't change the recipe of the original, so we find ourselves back in various kitchens (seen from an isometric point of view) trying to prepare dishes for waiting customers. When playing, we must strictly follow the given recipes and deliver and prepare the required ingredients in a specific order. The game requires a lot of pace and requires quick and precise actions to deliver a well-prepared dish before our guests lose patience.

Overcooked 2 PC Download

To this scheme, the second Overcooked adds a handful of mods to spice up gameplay. Players can now throw the ingredients they own to other cooks or directly into the pot (or on the ground if they feel like it). The cuisines are even more varied (magic school, balloon or even another planet), with some changing over time and presenting even more of a challenge. There were also new recipes, cooks and equipment, as well as an interactive world map. Like its predecessor, Overcooked 2 offers a single-player campaign and local multiplayer in which up to four players can cooperate or compete in challenging tasks. The possibility to play over the Internet is new. As in the gameplay, Overcooked 2 does not introduce a revolution visually. The game features simple yet humorous three-dimensional graphics that are cartoon-style.

Overcooked 2 PC Free Download
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It is hardly surprising that the game has potential, since it is released by the creators of the iconic Worms. Overcooked 2 is the work of a small studio Ghost Town Games. The potential of this project was noticed by the publisher Team 17, for years associated with turn-based wars of tireless worms. Because although the two above-mentioned series of games are radically different from each other, the most important denominator is the same. It is the joint play of a few people in front of one screen, with bursts of laughter and a series of minor austerities.

Overcooked 2 is a painfully cooperative game. Even when playing alone, you have to control two characters alternately, which clearly emphasizes the nature of the game. The culinary adventure was created for two, three, even four friends who are sitting in front of the screen at the same time. Also the small one, in the form of a Switch tablet. All I have to do is hand one of the Joy-Con to the girl and it's ready. You can play. No additional controller is needed to play for two players.

Entertainment in Overcooked 2 is about creating and serving meals together. Banality? That is why the producers opted for a platform twist. Chefs have to work under extreme conditions. Sometimes they cook on a flowing raft, other times they fry in the magic academy, and later wash the dishes in the middle of the street. Of course, one where cars are moving. The creators do their best to make each level surprising and seem different from the previous one.

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