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Pure Farming 2018 for PC Download agricultural simulator created by the Polish Techland studio in cooperation with the independent Ice Flames team. The game allows you to play a farmer who has to take care of the development of his farm. This requires a number of works, including sowing fields, spraying crops and harvesting and selling them. We perform these tasks with the help of various agricultural machines. The game appeared on the PC, PS4 and XONE platform thanks to the Techland Publishers.


Download Pure Farming 2018 for PC free InstallShield

Pure Farming 2018 DownloadPure Farming 2018, like other items of this type, gives us a chance to run our own farm; we must perform a number of activities aimed at developing the farm and improving the account balance. The game includes many varieties of plants that we care for in different parts of the world – the map in Japan allows us to plant cherries and rice, in Colombia we deal with industrial cannabis and coffee, while in Italy, in the fields grow olive trees and grapes. In addition, we can take care of cattle breeding, electricity production or invest in greenhouses. We work on the land using more than 70 licensed machines, such as McCormick, DAF, Akpil or Landini. Equipment must be regularly reviewed and repaired in a garage located on the farm.

An interesting fact is the character development system, which allows you to improve the skills associated with various agricultural activities, which increases the yield or speed with which we cultivate the land. The player must also use a variety of fertilizers; The dynamic weather may turn out to be a big obstacle. The maps on which we conduct the game are characterized by a large number of interactive points – there are not only fields for development, but also a variety of collection points, stores, workshops or gas stations.

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There are three game modes in the game: a sandbox module that allows free running of the farm, a set of challenges and a campaign taking place in the American state of Montana. An advanced agricultural simulator, prepared by the native Techland company in cooperation with a team of independent Ice Flames studio.


CPU: Intel Core I5 2,3 GHZ or better.
RAM: 6 GB.
OS: Windows 10,8,7 (64 bit)
GPU: Geforce 560 GTX 2 GB or better.
HDD: 12 GB.

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