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Pure Farming 2018 PC Download Free

Pure Farming 2018 Farming simulator developed by Polish Techland studio in cooperation with independent Ice Flames team. The game allows you to play a farmer who has to take care of the development of his farm. This requires a series of works, including sowing fields, spraying crops, and harvesting them and selling them. We complete these tasks with the help of various agricultural machines. The game was released on the PC, PS4 and XONE platforms thanks to the Techland Publishers. Pure Farming 2018 Download for PC Pure Farming 2018, like other products of this type, gives us the chance to run our own farm; We must carry out a series of activities to develop the farm and improve the bank balance. The game includes many types of crops that we will cultivate in different parts of the world - the map in Japan allows us to plant cherries and rice, in Colombia we deal with industrial cannabis and coffee, while in Italy the fields grow olive trees and grapes. In addition, we take care of cattle breeding, power generation or invest in greenhouses. We work on land with more than 70 licensed machines such as McCormick, DAF, Akpil or Landini. Equipment needs to be checked regularly and repaired in a garage in the yard.

Pure Farming 2018 PC Download

An interesting fact is the character development system that allows you to improve the skills related to various farming activities, increasing the yield or the speed with which we cultivate the land. The player must also use a variety of fertilizers; The dynamic weather can prove to be a major obstacle. The maps on which we conduct the game are distinguished by a large number of interactive points - there are not only fields for development, but also a large number of assembly points, shops, workshops or gas stations. There are three game modes in the game: a sandbox module that allows free operation of the farm, a set of challenges and a campaign that takes place in the American state of Montana. An advanced farming simulator prepared by native Techland company in collaboration with a team of independent Ice Flames studios.

Pure Farming 2018 PC Download Free
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Pure Farming 2018 PC

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CPU: Intel Core I5 2,3 GHZ or better.
RAM: 6 GB.
OS: Windows 10,8,7 (64 bit)
GPU: Geforce 560 GTX 2 GB or better.
HDD: 12 GB.

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Pure Farming 2018 It's practically spring outside the window, so it's high time to put on your rubber boots, vacuum the tractor and go out into the field. The first installment of the new series of farming simulators has just hit the shelves and it must be admitted that it is doing quite well. Pure Farming 2018 interestingly develops a well-known formula, but does not revolutionize the principles of virtual agribusiness. The game was produced by the Polish studio Ice Flames, for which it is a market debut. As in other productions of this type, our task is to take care of the proper functioning of the farm and expand the agricultural empire. The game focuses on realism - this is where fuel runs out, resources are consumed, and equipment breaks down. Like in life.

Pure Farming 2018 We have three types of gameplay at our disposal: campaign, challenges and free mode. People counting on haymaking with other players must get away with the taste - Pure Farming 2018 is only solo fun. In the main game, we play the role of a young farmer from Montana, who inherits an indebted farm. This mode has been designed with the beginner farmers in mind - we learn control, orientation in the field and perform simple tasks, such as mowing grain or sowing fields. The authors of the game focused on a modern farmer who manages the farm using a tablet. This device is a comprehensive command center in which we make most of the business decisions. Thanks to it, we do not have to go to the store every time - we buy the necessary equipment and resources online.

Pure Farming 2018 The comfortable approach, however, has its consequences in the form of higher prices, which can be painful in the early stages of the game. The tablet is also used for fast travel, viewing maps, reading emails with directions and checking statistics. However, the readability of the gadget leaves a lot to be desired - the type of icons used and the size of the fonts effectively make orientation difficult. Our farmer also uses a drone, thanks to which he performs a quick overview of his estates. The vehicle control is intuitive - the left button controls the functions of the guided machine, and the right button gives access to the options related to the tool currently attached to it.

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