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RIVE Drawing patterns with classic side-scrollowych representatives of the genre, a two-dimensional platform game from Dutch studio Two Tribes, formerly known primarily through logical zręcznościowego cycle Toki Tori. Action RIVE takes us to a no closer part of the galaxy where the controls of modern drone warfare we face an army of enemy robots. Controlled by our drones can not only roam the land, but also jump and fly, wreaking havoc everywhere. Download RIVE for PCThat's not all, because thanks to power-ups collected during the game you will also gain the ability to hack into enemy machines and influence their behavior. Game mechanics models of classic platform games, but everything was served in a modern graphic design, full of spectacular special effects. The game is played and at a rapid pace, allowing the possibility of arcade and unhindered fun.

RIVE PC Download

Rive is a twin stick shooter combination of 2D platform game. This means that one button is used to navigate our ship, while the other is responsible for shelling the enemy. At the same time we still have to avoid obstacles and traps, with which a whole series of jumping is connected. If this doesn't sound like an appealing combo that can complement the high level of difficulty convince you to take an interest in this production? As befits productions inspired by an arcade game, we've got it here with a residual story. The whole story boils down to the fact that in the future cosmic treasure hunter goes to a wreck. Our job is to get out of it. The game does not control, but directly to our adventurous heroes. We control while his bajerancki ship, which can function as well as moss. Getting freedom prevents us from managing the station named AI Daryl. Developers who go back to the old school of game development often unnecessarily complicate the game with weird solutions. But sometimes it's enough to clothe tried and tested patents in modern guise, and boom - we get a successful title without too much effort. That's it - a platform shooter that doesn't forgive mistakes, which is the key to its success. At least for those who are not afraid of the challenge.

RIVE PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Two Tribes
Game publisher:
Two Tribes
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CPU: Semi-recent processor
OS: Windows 7
GPU: Geforce 8000 series (discrete)

Additional information

RIVE The storyline is only slightly outlined. We play the role of a space traveler who explores a gigantic, abandoned ship in a robot resembling a spider. By the way, he fights with the drones attacking him, and in the breaks he talks with the mechanical guardian of the ship. There is a clash here, because the protagonist wants to be funny by force, but he does not do it well. On the other hand, we will ignore dialogues anyway, so there is no problem.

RIVE Visually, the title perfectly refers to related productions from many years ago, but using modern standards. The luminaire is kept in a futuristic-industrial style, so we visit the next sections full of machines, electrical devices, pipes, steel containers and other metal objects. Of course, there were also spectacular explosions of scattered opponents. Although from time to time we return to the locations we have already visited, our eyesight constantly discover new details in them, so the weariness effect does not threaten us. Overall a plus for technical issues, because even the sound harmonizes very well with the graphics and perfectly reflects the atmosphere of an abandoned wreck of a star freighter. Mark Dodson's voice is also an advantage - as opposed to his jokes.

RIVE The gameplay itself is not complicated, but it is quite demanding. Admittedly, showing the player where the crayfish are hibernating is passe today, but in this case you should watch out for frequent verbal jokes that act as "game over". The difficulty level is not irritating, and encourages you to traverse the ship, jumping on platforms and driving the cannon away from enemies. If necessary, we use hacking skills to get further or take over the drone to help, but this option has not been developed as promised.

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