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Syberia 3 Prepared after more than a decade since the launch of the second part, another popular series of adventures, created by Belgian cartoonist Benoit Sokal in collaboration with the Microids studio. The story focuses on the continuation of the fate of a young lawyer Kate Walker, who, because of her profession and her curiosity and thirst for adventure, gets trapped in another mysterious story. During the game, subordinate to the classic schemes of point-and-click adventures, we will meet quite a number of characters from the previous series of hits, as well as all new characters - including still life series protagonist, FBI agent Victoria McPherson. Despite using the game in a fully three-dimensional graphical environment replacing the flat, hand-drawn background - all kept a characteristic atmosphere and consistency with previous parts of the series. Syberia 3 Download for PC Syberia 3 is another part of the cult series of point-and-click adventure games created by Microids Studio since 2002. The production brings a breath of fresh air to the series, not only in the form of a completely separate story, but also through many changes and improvements in the rules of the game. The biggest news is the embedding of stocks of the three-dimensional environment - pre-rendered backgrounds have been replaced with locations that you can explore freely. Also, the game tells the story takes on a completely new theme, so knowledge of the previous views cycle is not required. It is worth noting that the production contains numerous references to the previous adventures of Kate Walker fearless. The game was released, among other things, on Personal Computer.

Syberia 3 PC Download

In Siberia 3 we learn the fate of Kate Walker, an American lawyer, professional problems that failed in the coldest regions of Russia. In previous games of the series, the heroine went on an adventurous journey to find the rightful heir to the machine factory and with him then decided to go to the Far North - the legendary island of Siberia, where mammoths still live. Since the main themes of the previous two Siberia were closed in the "Claw" 3 Syberia is a completely new story, the beginning of which goes to Kate Walker's dingy hospital in Valsemborze. Of course, knowledge of previous events is an advantage, but it is not necessary to understand the story presented in the "Top Three." Syberia 3 for Windows PC is a three-dimensional adventure point-and-click adventure, in which the player to the Tasks include exploring visited sites, chatting with NPCs, capturing important items and solving puzzles. The novelty here are puzzles that require physical manipulations with the various elements of the environment, for example. Challenge knife cover or key peculiar to adjust the shape of the hole. It tells the story of the game linearly, but at certain moments a player can decide how to steer the conversation.

Syberia 3 PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Microids/Anuman Interactive
Game publisher:
Microids/Anuman Interactive
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CPU: Pentium or AMD Athlon X4 - SSE2 instruction set support
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
GPU: AMD R7 260X - Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 2go
HDD: 40 GB

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Syberia 3 clearly stood out from the adventure games released around 2000, offering high quality and an interesting adventure. The sequel was received almost as warmly by fans of the genre, despite some shortcomings. Siberia 3 had to wait for over a decade, but it is still difficult to talk about a successful production in this case. Kate Walker's new adventure is based on threads from the past, but is not a direct continuation of the second part. The dwarf Jukole, known from the "two", play an important role, and a few characters are also returning. Many conversations, however, refer to the heroine's previous adventures, and the creators do not even bother to cite the events in question. Without knowing previous stories, we feel very lost.

Siberia 3 In the latest version we will not see the eponymous island where mammoths still live - history takes us to undefined regions through which we will travel with the Yukola caravan, leading their large, furry ostriches to the holy lands. It is supposed to be quite an interesting trip. Along the way, however, we will meet a galaxy of not very interesting characters, distinguishable only because they are strongly based on common stereotypes. So we have a drunk ship captain, an evil mercenary with an eye patch, and a clumsy detective whose role in the story is very unclear even after the finale. Jukole, on the other hand, are depicted as mischievous savages, shouting something in their language every now and then - they quickly become terribly irritating, which makes it difficult to feel the desire to help them.

Siberia 3 Dialogues rarely resemble real conversations. The characters speak their lines in the air, and the answers often have little to do with what we heard a moment earlier. Many of the statements are very clunky, which means that we miss important information. The creators implemented a dialogue system somewhat reminiscent of the solution from Telltale games - we can indicate one of several options, and our decisions evoke different reactions from the interlocutors. Admittedly, this element is undoubtedly one of the positive aspects of Siberia 3, although the abbreviated versions of the answers to choose from do not always reflect Kate's tone. The Polish language version is not impressive either in terms of acting or the quality of the translation. The translators not only did a poor job of putting together grammatically correct sentences, but also allowed themselves a certain amount of creativity, removing - at least in one passage - the clue to the riddle. The lack of this information means that we can overcome the obstacle only by guessing or changing the language to English.

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